Galaxy Note 8 Teaser Video Confirms Samsung’s Event Launch Date

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The time is nearly upon us. The Galaxy Note 8 is almost here. We’ve talk about the countless rumors all summer long and now Samsung has provided us with a little tease to confirm when they will be revealing the Galaxy Note 8. Want to see what they chose to reveal to their patient fans? Check out the Galaxy Note 8 teaser at the bottom of the page.

For a simple video there sure are a few things to dissect there so let’s get right into it. The Galaxy Note 8 teaser focuses a lot on the S Pen. There had been some rumors earlier in the summer that the S Pen might be getting some new features. Perhaps this video is an indication that they want to put some focus on the S Pen? Of course, there aren’t any big name flagships out there with an included stylus so maybe the S Pen hasn’t changed at all and they’re simply using the graphic to differentiate themselves.

Near the end of the video we see a very minimalist outline of the Galaxy Note 8. The outline pretty much confirms what we already knew. The Galaxy Note 8 will have a very similar design as the Galaxy S8 and S8+. It looks like the Note 8 will be showing off that beautiful infinity display as well as those greatly reduced bezels. Basically, we will get a bigger Galaxy S8 with a stylus included – in terms of design, at least. The Galaxy Note 8 teaser video doesn’t reveal much about the back side of the device but luckily we have leaks for that. It’s pretty much a sure thing that the Galaxy Note 8 will launch with dual camera sensors on the back side. We should also find the fingerprint sensor placed precariously close to the aforementioned camera sensors but not as frustratingly close as we saw on the Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Speaking of camera sensors… We had a great leak not long ago regarding the Galaxy Note 8 camera features. The dual camera sensors are going to allow the Galaxy Note 8 to step up its photo taking game. With the iPhone 8 also likely launching with dual camera sensors, the Galaxy Note 8 has its work cut out for it. From the leak we can see that low-light performance has been improved with the Galaxy Note 8. We also know that the Note 8 will offer optical zoom which allows for much clearer photos when zoomed in compared to digital zoom. Perhaps most interesting, however, is the augmented reality capabilities. Or, at least, what we assume will be AR capabilities. In the leaked documentation there is an illustration that shows the camera sensor measuring distance and height of a person in the shot. This likely has less to do with snapping the perfect photo as it does with AR applications. Apple is making a big push in AR this fall and we expect Samsung to do the same. Last year, VR was all the rage. This year, watch out for AR.

Finally, at the very end of the Galaxy Note 8 teaser video, we get confirmation of the reveal date. The Galaxy Note 8 is going to revealed on August 23rd. The wait is almost over! This is pretty similar to a lot of reported timelines from the past few weeks. If all goes according to plan then the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order should follow shortly thereafter. By mid-September, people should have Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone in their hands. Let’s just hope the Note 8 has a lot less fire than the Note 7.

As for pricing… Let’s just say you better start collecting cans and bottles now. Much like the iPhone 8, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come in around $1,100. That may scare off some buyers, especially considering last year’s disastrous launch. However, Samsung certainly has a dedicated fan base and it’s very likely that the Galaxy Note 8 will be a popular device this fall. We will have to wait and see if any flagship smartphone launches this fall that’s able to challenge the position of Apple and Samsung at the top of the heap. There’s definitely room for a manufacturer to step in and undercut the most expensive flagships on the market while still offering a great product.

What do you think about the Galaxy Note 8 teaser video? Are you fully aboard the Samsung hype train this fall or does the rumored price of the Galaxy Note 8 have you thinking about sitting this launch season on the sidelines?

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