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Galaxy Note 8 S Pen Revealed In Leaked Photos

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We’ve got more Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaks on deck! This time, it appears that the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen has leaked in images as release date gets closer and closer. The images show us that there doesn’t appear to be much of a design change from the S Pen that was included in the Galaxy Note 7. However, word is that there will be additional functionalist for the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen.

Some rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen suggest that the pen will be able to respond to more pressure levels. As well, the software on the Note 8 has also been improved to allow the S Pen to do more. Apparently the Galaxy Note 8 will have an always on display. Using the always on display feature, users will be able to take out their Galaxy Note 8 S Pen and begin writing on the screen to take notes without having to actually unlock their device.

The S Pen also looks like it will be smarter. Using the S Pen, Galaxy Note 8 owners will be able to select and translate sections of text. Currency conversions can also be done right on the device using the S Pen. Hopefully the added functionality will work smoothly and naturally. However, will the new Galaxy Note 8 S Pen be enough to help people forget about the exploding Galaxy Note 7’s from last year? That’s a question that no leak can answer.

In addition to a new S Pen, the Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be launching with a Snapdragon 835, 4 or 6 GB of RAM, as well as a beautiful Super AMOLED display. The device should certainly be impressive, and it has to be. The iPhone 8 will be launching shortly after the expected release date of the Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung can’t afford to have another mistake like last year. Some consumers may be willing to trust them again but that trust probably can’t withstand another bumpy release.

So, how will the Galaxy Note 8 look with that S Pen? The best indication of the Galaxy Note 8 appearance is the leaked renders that we saw thanks to a case manufacturer. As we can see, the Galaxy Note 8 S Pen will reside in the bottom of the device alongside a USB-C port and 3.5mm headphone port. We also see a nearly bezel-less display. The sides are beautifully rounded and look very nice to hold. There are small bezels on the top and bottom but they have been greatly reduced from past releases.

The Galaxy Note 8 S Pen isn’t likely to make or break this release but it’s always nice to know there are a few new features coming with the S Pen that Galaxy Note owners have come to know and love. We shouldn’t have to wait too long until we can hold the Galaxy Note 8 in our hands. Samsung wants to try to beat the iPhone 8 to market and that likely means an early-September release for the Galaxy Note 8. The device looks great, let’s see if it has the stability and features to make it a “must buy.”

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