Francis Chou Presentation at Ivey School July 2013 [VIDEO]

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Francis Chou is the President of the Toronto-based Chou Associates Management Inc. Mr. Chou, a CFA, ended his formal education at Grade 12.

Francis Chou Presentation at Ivey School July 2013 [VIDEO]

While working as a technician for a phone company in 1981, he started an investment club that would later become the Associates fund. Francis Chou has operated two of the country’s most successful funds, Chou Associates Fund and Chou RRSP fund, for the last 20 years. In 2005, the Canadian Investment Award named him the fund manager of the decade. His approach is to “find bargains and maintain discipline; if you cannot find bargains stay in cash”. Currently (2012), Francis Chou manages more than $650 million for investors in his firm and runs the best performing bond fund in North America according to a Wall Street Journal article. The financial media have extensively covered Francis’ style, performance and character over the years. Other media articles on Francis can be read here and here.

Francis Chou spoke at the Ivey School in July of 2013, and a video of his presentation has been uploaded.

Francis Chou video embedded below

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