Five Good Questions: Jeroen Bos – Deep Value Investing

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Jeroen Bos, a Dutch investor, has worked his entire career in the financial services industry in England. He worked for many years at stock broker Panmue Gordon, in the City of London. It was here that he interest in value investing developed. This process accelerated after the October 1987 market crash, during which time he took inspiration from the Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

Five Good Questions: Jeroen Bos – Deep Value Investing

Deep Value Investing: Finding bargain shares with big potential by Jeroen Bos

Let the market come to you Deep Value Investing by Jeroen Bos is an incredibly candid and revealing guide to the secrets of deep value investment. Written by an investor with a long and remarkable track record, it shares for the first time the ins and outs of finding high-potential undervalued stocks before anyone else. Deep value investing means finding companies that are genuine bargains that can pay back phenomenally over the long term. They are firms so cheap that even if they were to close tomorrow their assets would pay you out at a profit. But if they can turn things around, the rewards will be many times greater … These were the favourite shares of Benjamin Graham, author of ‘The Intelligent Investor’. Inspired by Graham’s classic and with a long history of discovering these great value stocks – sometimes known as ‘bargain issues’ or ‘netnets’ – author and investor Jeroen Bos reveals: – how to use only publicly available information to discover these shares and filter the gold from the dross – everything he did when analysing, purchasing, monitoring and selling more than ten recent successful deep value investments – the complete philosophy behind deep value investing, and the ins and outs of this strategy in practice – what can go wrong and how to minimise the chances of it happening to you. Deep value investing has a better track record than almost any other approach to the market. Even better, it doesn’t require minute and technical knowledge of a company, nor is it fixated on earnings or often-unreliable future projections. It’s all about the balance sheet and patience. This makes it the perfect investing approach for those who want to see phenomenal stock market returns without wasting time or commission costs.

Deep Value Investing: Finding bargain shares with big potential

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