First Nintendo Switch Accessories Leak Reveals USB-C For Charging

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Next year won’t just be the year Apple launches the iPhone 8; it will also be the year the Nintendo Switch is finally revealed, meaning that after such a long wait, we can find out more about it than what is in the teaser video. But with just over one month until January 12, details of Nintendo Switch accessories have been mistakenly revealed online.

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Nintendo Switch accessories

The Nintendo Switch accessories appeared by mistake on the Australian website EB Games but were quickly pulled. They reveal an important, if not limited amount of information about the device.

The mistake has shown that the Switch will use USB-C for charging. According to the site which discovered the unofficial publishing of these accessories, WCCFtech, an Australian gaming retailer posted three unofficial Nintendo Switch accessories: a charging cable, Starter Pack, and Starter Pack Plus.

Why USB-C ?

USB-C has some advantages over older USB technology. For example, it doesn’t come with one end for the plug and another for the device. Instead, either end can be used for either, meaning that there’s no right way or wrong way to plug it in.

Then there’s the added benefit of faster data and power transfer rates. It’s possible that because of USB-C, the Switch is fast-charging compatible because the cable provided can cope with a higher draw of up to 100 watts. In terms of data transfer rates, USB-C can cope with up to 10Gbps, which would mean really fast game data transfer or even more currently unspecified features.

Nintendo Switch accessories starter packs
Image Source: wccftech

Starter Packs

The Starter Pack appears to be very straightforward. It comes with a hard carrying case designed to house it and up to six games, plus screen protectors. The Starter Pack Plus also has a hard carrying case and all of the above; however, it also has space for a set of earphones.

All of the Nintendo Switch accessories mentioned here are unofficial and provided by the @play brand. While it’s likely that Nintendo has an agreement with @play to create them, it’s unlikely they will ship with the Switch. What’s more likely is that Nintendo will supply and offer its own branded accessories alongside the device. However, until it releases more information about the gaming device, it ‘s hard to know what they will be.

Nintendo Switch, reveal, launch date and price

Unless we get another leak, you will have to wait until January for any official information. After that, the Nintendo Switch will launch in March, so all in all, we have just over three months until it’s possible to own one.

As for price, a few weeks ago, Laura Kate Dale of LetsPlayVideoGames inadvertently started the low price Switch rumor. She tweeted that the wholesale prices of the device would be US$250, C$329 and £199.99, with an upgraded storage option wholesaling at US$300. What happened next was that fans who misunderstand what “wholesale” means mistook this for the retail price when in reality, it’s the price retailers are expected to buy the Switch at. After that, they add their own margin, giving us the price consumers will pay.

So what does this mean for the retail price? Without hard facts, we can only guess. but it could go on sale for $300 or $350, depending on whether increased storage is included.

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