iPhone 6 Seen In Retail Box Photos Is Fake

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UpdateIt turns out that the iPhone 6 allegedly shown in the pictures of the retail box below is a Chinese knockoff costing $145, according to this post on Reddit.

An image of an Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 6 retail box recently leaked. The image also showed the alleged iPhone in the box, and it appeared to be real (or not so real, check update at the bottom). The image comes via a Twitter account. The alleged iPhone 6 is kept face down in the box, which is surprising.

iPhone 6 inside the box

Looks-wise, the phone is similar to previously leaked pictures, but this one has the proper FCC labels on the back side. Also the rumored glowing logo does not show up in the picture, which means that either the phone is switched off or Apple has not actually included the glowing logo feature. The phone seen in the image could be the smaller version of the phone, which is expected to launch on Sept. 19.

However, from the leaked image, it’s hard to believe this device is the iPhone 6, as the quality does not seem up to par for Apple.

Other recent rumors

Among other rumored features, news broke recently that Apple might add an LED light to the logo of the iPhone 6 to inform users when they receive a message. However, Best Tech Info author Tanner Marsh later reported that the odd feature would not be included. Tanner Marsh claims to have an iPhone 6 casing for the 4.7-inch model, and according to his sources, it was a “production ready variation” of the handset. Although there was no name on the back, Marsh claimed that he got his hands on the casing so early during the production cycle that manufacturers did not engrave the name.

According to some reports, the iPhone 6 will launch on Sept. 12. However, MacRumors suggests that Apple will unveil the iPhone 6 on Sept. 16 and that the device won’t hit the market until Oct. 14. The consensus is that Apple will unveil iOS 8 alongside the iPhone 6 to the public at an event planned in mid-September.

Moreover, there have been reports that the bigger version of the iPhone 6 may be postponed until November or even next year. Some of the reports hinted that Apple is facing production issues with the larger version of the device.

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