iPhone 6 Won’t Sport A Back LED-Lit Logo [REPORT]

iPhone 6 Won’t Sport A Back LED-Lit Logo [REPORT]
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At least one previously rumored feature of the iPhone 6 may not be included in the final product after all (imagine that). There had been reports that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was planning to add an LED light to the back logo and make it light up to notify users that they have a message. However, Best Tech Info reports that this is unlikely to happen and explains why.

Where this iPhone 6 rumor came from

The technology community started speculating about the LED notification light because of supposedly leaked back casings. It showed that the logo was recessed slightly on the housing’s inside. Best Tech Info writer Tanner Marsh said he has an iPhone 6 chassis for the 4.7-inch model. His sources apparently said that it’s a “production-ready variation” of the handset. The iPhone name is missing from the back, but he said that what he has was made early enough in the production cycle that the manufacturers hadn’t yet etched in the iPhone name.

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The allegedly leaked iPhone 6 chassis does indeed feature a recessed Apple logo, which the technology community did suggest meant an LED component that would light up the logo may be included. Supposedly, it would light up to notify users of missed messages or calls without them having to actually unlock the device.

Does the iPhone 6 theory make sense?

Marsh agrees that the rumor makes sense for those who don’t know anything about Apple’s supply and manufacturing plans for the iPhone 6. He said it could even be possible, especially since past iPhone casings at this stage all showed pre-embedded logos and that this time, it looks like there’s a new recess in the logo.

However, he examined the iPad Air and iPad Mini components he received before the devices were launched. He found that they both had a similar cut-out for the Apple logo. This seemed to give the company’s manufacturers “more direct control” regarding how the logo looks before anodizing the rest of the shell.

He added that his “inside sources who have deep connections within Apple’s supply chain” told him that because of the process Apple is planning to use for the colors of the casings, it’s not a good idea to embed the logo until after the colors are right. The company is expected to again offer silver, gold and space gray iPhone 6 models. On the iPad Air and iPad Mini, he found that the recessed logo made it easier to not only attach the logo but also insulate them for heat.

A practical iPhone 6 rumor?

He also questions whether an Apple logo that lights up would really be practical, although he admits that it would be a nice addition. He emphasized again though that his sources say that the iPhone 6 will not feature an Apple logo that lights up.


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