iPhone 6 Could Launch In October

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With Samsung apparently ready to release the Galaxy Note 4 ahead of the iPhone 6, attention will naturally shift to Apple to see what it has up its sleeve for the next generation of its flagship smartphone. Apple has yet to confirm any details, or even the existence of the iPhone 6, but supply line leaks mean that we know we already know fair bit about what to expect from the next iPhone. So here is a rundown on everything we know about this huge mobile release thus far.

iPhone 6 Size

Reports from the supply alone have been strongly indicating that this will be the slimmest mass-market smartphone that the world has ever seen. Additionally, after a few doubts were raised that Apple was ready to release a phablet-sized iPhone, recent weeks have seen this rumour solidified until it seems certain that Apple will indeed rubberstamp its first mobile product of this nature.

Thus, we can expect to see at least two models of the iPhone 6, with the premium version featuring a 5.5-inch screen. Some rumors indicate that the smaller version will be somewhat reduced in spec terms, while it has even been suggested that numerous iPhone 6 models could ultimately hit the market.


With Samsung staking a lot of its future direction on curved screens, there were murmurings for some time that Apple may choose to release an iPhone 6 with a similar curved display. However, this never seemed particularly likely; Apple likes to plow its own unique furrow with regards to the appearance of its devices. So while the appearance of the iPhone 6 is a heavily guarded secret, we can reasonably assume that it will at least somewhat resemble previous versions. What we did have a certain is that Apple is manufacturing this product from Sapphire Glass; a departure from previous iPhones.

Release Date

While September is little more than four weeks away, this is still likely to be the release date of at least one model of the iPhone 6, at least according to some sources. Business Insider has suggested that the precise date will be September 12. By contrast, MacRumours has indicated that four days later, on Tuesday, September 16, Apple will merely unveil the iPhone 6, and that we won’t be able to get our hands on this new smartphone until October 14.

However, the larger, premium version of the iPhone 6 may be delayed until November. Recent reports indicated that Apple is experiencing some technical problems with the larger model of the iPhone 6, and that it may push the release date back a couple of months in order to resolve this.


So what are your chances of getting hold of an iPhone 6 on the release date? This is always a difficult question to answer, but one can be absolutely certain that there will be queues around the block for this much sought after item.

In fact, demand for the iPhone 6 is likely to outstrip anything seen previously. Both analysts and Apple themselves are uniformly expecting this new smartphone to outsell any previous model, and in fact MacRumors suggestion regarding an October release date was a prognosis made on the expectation of particularly high consumer demand.

Other Simultaneous Apple Releases

It is almost certain that Apple will launch iOS eight alongside the iPhone 6 reports have already indicated that there could be a mid-September Apple event to introduced both the iPhone 6 and the new operating system, iOS 8, to an expectant public.

This would then be followed with a second event roughly one month later during which the release of OSX 10.10 Yosemite, and both iMac and iPad reboots would be announced. It is possible that this event could also featured beyond labelling of the almost mystical iWatch.

New Features and Emphasis

Apple will doubtless have some tricks up its sleeves for the new iPhone, but the clearest strategy that is coming out of the corporation at this point in time is that its new range of products will have a real health focus. Given the dismal statistics that the Western world in particular is currently enduring with regard to such issues as obesity, perhaps this is not a bad idea…

The recent unveiling of the HealthTap app, which enables smartphone users to consult with a general practitioner without leaving the comfort of their own home, indicates the direction that smartphones are likely to be going in immediate future. It is clear that Apple intends to lead this market with the iPhone 6, and the recent direction of their television commercials has paid particular testimony to this.

But though the iPhone 6 may well be an astounding device and a revolutionary one, it could be that we have to wait a little while longer for it than we were anticipating.

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