How To Unlock iPhone X With Face ID Feature On A Flat Surface Like Table

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The iPhone X was recently released to the delight of users across the globe, and the next generation model has been widely praised for its supreme functionality, design, and performance. Apple have incorporated an OLED display, which presents images with vibrancy, enhanced color, and creates a high quality backdrop.

The most anticipated addition to Apple’s flagship handset is Face ID, which makes Apple a pioneer of facial recognition technology. The concept has revolutionized the unlocking procedure, and has capacity for several additional benefits in 2018. Users can also capitalize on the Animoji feature, where you can transpose your face onto emojis for added fun.

The rollout has been successful, and demand has been so high Apple have struggled to meet it. With another hardware success in the books, Apple’s stunning device has captured the imagination of technology enthusiasts around the world. The Face ID feature takes advantage of the new TrueDepth camera, but with consumer expectations at an all-time high, scrutiny was inevitable.

Some users have reported issues regarding Face ID failing to accurately detect their face when the phone lies flat on a surface, linked to the camera failing to get a square on view of your face. With Touch ID, users knew where they stood, where regardless of the device’s position you could supply a fingerprint and unlock your phone. You could achieve this from multiple angles, but some users report the same isn’t true with the Face ID feature, despite marketing campaigns like the one below reporting you would be able too.

The question remains, why are people having problems with Face ID in this position? In short, when the phone sits flat on a surface, you need to ensure the camera captures your face from the right angle, which enables correct detection. Here are a few steps to help you with Face ID when your phone is flat on a surface.

  • As a starting point, you should reset Face ID and start from the beginning. This allows a clean restart, and can be achieved by going through the settings.
  • Proceed to the Face ID and Passcode section, and enter your passcode accordingly.
  • Select the ‘Reset Face ID’ option, which will reset Face ID on your device, while giving you an opportunity to rebuild from scratch.
  • From here, you can set up Face ID in the same way you did when you unpacked your handset. This time around, place your iPhone X at waist-height, so it faces up with your head as you rotate your face. You should allow the setup guide to capture your features and create a composite image, which will capture the correct angles necessary to unlock your device on a flat surface.

I hope you have found this article useful, and are now better equipped to tackle the Face ID issue relating to flat surfaces. If you would like to contribute to the conversation, or pose any questions, please comment below and kick-start the discussion.

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