The Speed Comparison: Face ID vs Touch ID

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Among many other features of the iPhone X is the Face ID recognition system, which replaces the Touch ID that was sitting on iPhones for a while. Many people have wondered about the way Face ID works. Is it fast? Is it reliable? Is it as precise as the Touch ID? We’ve already seen various apps for facial recognition for users to unlock their smartphones in the past. They didn’t appear to be as accurate, at least not always. On the other hand, Touch ID has always been a reliable and accurate method for unlocking your iPhone and making payments. Now that Apple replaced the Touch ID with the Face ID, tech reviewers who laid their hands on Apple’s new flagship decided to test which recognition system is faster, Face ID vs Touch ID.

When the Face ID vs Touch ID speeds were compared, it would seem that the Touch ID sensor is faster, compared to the Face ID. However, it’s not as simple as it looks. Read on to learn more!

In one of the tests conducted by the editor-in-chief of Tom’s Guide, Mark Spoonauer, the Touch ID beat Face ID, although not by much time. Spoonauer then tested the Face ID vs Touch ID with a stopwatch in hand. Basically, pressing the side button of the iPhone X took 1.2 seconds, and also an additional 0.4 seconds to swipe up to the unlocked screen. When he used the Touch ID to unlock his iPhone 7 Plus, it took him 0.91 seconds to get to the usable screen. He said the following:

I’ve been using Face ID on the iPhone X for more than 24 hours, and I don’t need a stopwatch to tell you that it unlocks my phone slower than when I was using Touch ID on my older iPhone 7 Plus. I used a stopwatch app anyway to prove my point.

This kind of test creates a problem, because it considers Face ID as an extra step. Instead of waiting for the camera of the iPhone X to authenticate the user, and then swiping to unlock the device, users should actually just ignore the presence of the Face ID and swipe the screen as soon as it wakes up automatically with the raise-to-wake functionality, said John Gruber.

Starting with a tap of the side button is not how you’re supposed to do it — you’re creating a two-step process where you only need one.

Editor-in-chief of TechCrunch, Matthew Panzarino, stated that the Face ID could be faster than the Touch ID. He showed it in a video he shared on his Twitter profile.

What do you think about the Face ID vs Touch ID comparison? Which one is faster?

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