Ebola Scare Grounds Airplane At Columbia Metro Airport

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Officials have grounded an airplane from Dulles International Airport after a “possible” Ebola scare. The plane is now at Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina. CBS reports that emergency workers boarded the plane to assess the situation.

Currently it’s unclear exactly what might be going on or how Ebola might be related. It’s also unclear which flight has been grounded or which plane at Columbia Metro is the one mentioned in the report from CBS.


Plane passengers taken to holding area

According to WISTV, a spokesperson for Columbia Metropolitan Airport said a man who was on the plane developed a nose bleed. He was taken off the plane. The other passengers on the flight were moved to a holding area until medical personnel can collect more information.

It’s unclear where the sick passenger would be taken if officials believe he does have Ebola and should be quarantined.

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