How Do You Eat Healthy On The Road? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Eat Healthy but how in today’s age?

We’re fast approaching resolution time, and eating healthy or developing a healthier lifestyle is going to be on many people’s agendas going into 2017. It’s easy to fall into bad habits but harder to break out of them once they become established patterns. Anywhere you can find help establishing new patterns will help get you on your way to a healthier you, including a specialty convenience store that only has healthy options.

One major lifestyle area where lots of people struggle is with eating healthy, especially when you are always on the go. Many people eat out at least once a week, and Millennials are the group most likely to eat on-the-go thanks to their busy lifestyles. While every generation is looking for healthier options, Millennials are demanding them more than ever.

Snacking is something that has gotten more and more popular with the younger generations, and snacking on the go is almost always unhealthy. Healthier options are out there but they are sometimes hard to find.

Millennials demand healthier options on the go, and they are more likely to shop at a specialty store than previous generations are. This has led to an opportunity for a completely new business model- the healthy convenience store. At a healthy convenience store you can  refill your water bottle or grab a healthier beverage like tea. Snack options include fresh fruit and junk-free options.

At a traditional convenience store, unhealthy options rule because that’s all there are. Searching for healthy options in a sea of unhealthy ones is likely to end in frustration and a slice of pizza. Fortunately there is a better way. Learn more about healthy snacking choices and the new business model making it all possible from this infographic. Perhaps when the only options are healthy ones it won’t be so difficult to overcome temptation!

How Do You Eat Healthy On The Road?

How Do You Eat Healthy On The Road

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