How To Download iOS 11: A Guide To The Long-Awaited Software Update

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Apple has just released iOS 11, and everyone hurled towards the update. This long-expected software update brings major enhancements to the already existing apps and settings. However, it is worth to mention that Apple added some never-before-seen bells and whistles that everyone is hyped about. Apple’s iOS 11 that runs on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices will feature a new interface, AR functions, and enhanced camera along with entirely revamped App store. Still, you can’t experience the best of iOS 11 until you download and install it, which is why we wrote a compelling guide about how to download iOS 11 and refresh your phone’s software to look just as new.

Create a Backup

While the vast majority of software upgrades went well, it is always better to be safe than sorry, by backing up all important data and apps you have on your device. To do that, you can either engage into iCloud Backup or iTunes Backup.

While iCloud takes care of your basic data such as settings, contacts, and messages, you get a more reliable data security when opting for iTunes Backup. By backing up via iTunes, you will secure everything starting from your apps and saves to your home screen schedule. All you have to do is to plug your phone to PC via USB, open iTunes and navigate to Backup Now, under your device settings.

Free up your storage

Apple’s new software update for mobile devices requires around 2GB of free space before the user can download and install it. That being said, you will need to get rid of the photos, videos, or music you no longer need or move it to the Cloud.

For that cause, check out Google Photos’ new feature. It automatically moves photos to the servers where you can choose to delete the photos if you don’t need them anymore. No one likes to have their memories erased during the installation, which is why you should think ahead.

Make sure your phone has enough of juice

Before you attempt to download iOS 11, it is of the fundamental importance to ensure your device is fully charged. Not doing so can lead to problems during the download and installation process. Make sure your phone is 100% charged before connecting it to Wi-Fi in order to download iOS 11.

How to download iOS 11?

After following the steps above and ensuring your device is ready to download iOS 11, now is time to get the party started!

Once the update is available(iOS 11 releases at a different time based what country you live in), your device will notify you. However, you can start the update manually, by navigating to settings and then Software Update. The new software will take it over from here.

Should I download iOS 11 software in the first place?

You are not obligated to download and install it as soon as your phone alerts you about the available update. In fact, the vast majority of people avoid downloading the software the first day it is out until they make sure the software is reliable. There is nothing wrong in that, like mentioned above, better safe than sorry.

In case iOS 11 doesn’t appeal to you, after all, nothing is perfect, you can always roll back to the previous version, iOS 10. If you followed the first step and made a backup of your system, this will be more than easy. All you have to do is restore your iPhone or iPad your old backup.

Did you download iOS 11? How does it work for you so far? Let us know in the comments!

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