How To Use iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature On iPhone And iPad

How To Use iOS 11 Screen Recording Feature On iPhone And iPad

We are on the eve of the release of iOS 11. Of course, a lot of you have probably already been experiencing iOS 11 for some time through their beta program. If that describes you then you have likely already installed the iOS 11 Golden Master release and checked out our top iOS 11 tips and tricks. This article might be old news to some of you iOS 11 pros but the folks who have waited for the full public release of iOS 11 have yet to experience the best new iOS 11 features.

One of those great new features is built-in iOS 11 screen recording. Having this feature built right into iOS 11 is a pretty big step forward for anyone who may need to record their actions and share them with others. For example, if you find yourself playing tech support for your family, it would be much easier to record your screen and send out a video about how to do something than explain it over the phone or via iMessage. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, Apple has made iOS 11 screen recording very easy to use on your compatible iOS device.

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Basically, what you want to do is add the iOS 11 screen recording toggle to your Control Center. Oh yeah, Control Center is customizable in iOS 11 in case you missed that news. Here’s how to add t