Convert HEIC To JPEG: How to change iOS 11 image format

Today, Apple releases iOS 11, the new operating system update for iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Along with various other innovations, iOS 11 introduces a new image format called HEIC. The High Efficiency Image File Format is hugely beneficial to phones that easily run low on storage.

Convert HEIC To JPEG

Over the past few years, Apple has made the iPhone overpowered by enabling it to shoot 4K videos and high-quality photos and many other things. It wasn’t too long before people with even the largest amount of storage available in an iPhone started to run low. The HEIC image format significantly reduces the size of files, freeing up overcrowded space. Unfortunately, the HEIC format isn’t welcome everywhere as Windows still doesn’t seem to recognize it.

This article reveals the details about iOS 11’s storage-saving image format. Still, should you need to convert HEIC to JPEG / JPG format, this guide will help you effortlessly convert HEIC to JPEG / JPG images.

Behind HEIC are the same developers that brought an alternative for audio and video compression, which was MPEG. It was designed to enable users to store more photos without having to regularly clear out their storage or move them to a PC or another device. The new operating system will use HEIC as the default image format, which can lead to several problems.

These problems are associated with compatibility, as the .heic extension is still new. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social networks won’t have problems recognizing the .heic format, as iOS 11 will convert the images to JPEG / JPG format.

Still, the images to be uploaded to Google Photos and Dropbox will be in original HEIC format. While Google and Dropbox support HEIC, the same can’t be said for Microsoft’s OneDrive. Furthermore, Windows 10 itself can’t recognize the .heic extension.

Don’t worry; is a new site that will convert HEIC to JPEG in no time. The quality of the images is uncompromised, and the converter itself is easy to use. It can convert up to 30 files at the same time while supporting the drag-and-drop technique. When the conversion is done, you will be given a link to access your files and download them. Aside from converting single images, this converter supports image sequences as well.

The HEIC image format is another great result of the exponential growth of technology. However, iOS 11 users will have to convert HEIC to JPEG / JPG until it becomes recognized everywhere.