How To Downgrade iOS 11.2.2 To Older Version To Jailbreak

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If you’re like to jailbreak your iPhone and are running the current version, you may be out of luck until a new exploit is found. It is, however, possible to downgrade iOS 11.2.2 to an older firmware version – but only for a limited time.

Jailbreaking iOS Devices

Apple has made it challenging every step of the way to fully unlock their iPhones. The company has a vested interest in keeping their ecosystem locked down in order to ensure a smooth experience for the average user. However, this doesn’t keep enterprising hackers and developers from trying to crack the increasingly secure operating system and give us a reliable jailbreak.

After Ian Beer discovered an exploit in iOS 11.1.x, the jailbreaking was revitalized and a number of new tools and utilities were released. If you’d like to downgrade 11.2.2 to an older version in order to take advantage of these new tools, there’s a way in which you can do so – but who knows how long it will last. Apple is currently still signing a number of older firmware updates, but that may soon be removed, so it’s recommended that you either downgrade iOS 11.2.2 now or wait for a new jailbreak to come out that works with the current software release.

Follow the steps below to downgrade iOS 11.2.2 into an older release in order to jailbreak your device successfully.

How to Downgrade iOS 11.2.2

Apple is currently only signing iOS 11.x firmware versions, so you won’t be able to go back to an update earlier than that in order to apply a full jailbreak. As of the time of this article, there’s not currently a Cydia update available for iOS 11.x devices just yet, so you’ll be left with alternative launchers for the time being.

Download one of the iOS 11.x files below, and make sure it’s the correct IPSW file for your device. Keep in mind that Apple generally discourages people from operating on older operating systems, so these links are downloaded via a third party site. The website is generally considered to be pretty safe, but download at your own risk.

If you’re looking to jailbreak rather than simply to downgrade iOS 11.2.2 for your own reasons, make sure you download one of the files between iOS 11.0.1 and 11.1.2, as there’s not currently an iOS 11.2 jailbreak on the market.

Now that you’ve downloaded the correct IPSW file, you’re ready to begin

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC
  2. Launch Itunes
  3. Select your device from the top left corner of iTunes by clicking the icon that looks like a phone.
  4. Click on the “Restore iPhone” button while holding down the left Option key (if you’re on a Mac) or the left Shift key (for PC users.)
  5. Select the IPSW file you’d like to downgrade to.
  6. At this point, Apple will verify the IPSW file and your device will be restored.

Once you’ve taken the steps to downgrade iOS 11.2.2, you can move forward with the jailbreaking process.

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