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Twitter Is The Only App On Donald Trump’s iPhone

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Donald Trump seems to be discovering that when you’re the President of the U.S., you’re not actually the one pulling all the strings. Rather, someone else is pulling your strings in various ways, like by deciding that you’re going to switch from your ancient, unsecured Android phone to an iPhone. Apparently, Trump isn’t obsessed with his iPhone like most people are, as he reportedly has only a single app on it: Twitter.

Aides said to be limiting Donald Trump’s screen time

Axios‘ Mike Allen reports that top officials with the White House told him that they’re focused on “forcing a more disciplined President Trump,” and one of the ways they’re trying to do that is by “limiting his screen time.” That’s certainly an interesting (for lack of a better word) angle to take, given all the talk about limiting screen time for children.

In Trump’s case, it makes a lot of sense because of his Twitter habit driven by apparent rage. He can’t seem to hold back when there’s a report about him that he doesn’t like, whether or not it’s true. As a result, limiting the time he has available to watch or read media reports seems like a solid way to limit his Twitter rants and hopefully keep him focused on more important matters for the leader of the free world to think about.

Trump wants more free time for Twitter

According to Allen, Trump has been pressuring his staffers to let him have more free time to himself, but they’ve been keeping his schedule full so that he doesn’t see any reports that get him steamed and trigger a fresh round of anger-laced tweets. His Twitter attacks are so well-documented that CNN even created a clock earlier this year to time the gap between them.

Allen feels like this tactic is working while the President is overseas, but the question will be whether they’ll be able to keep it up for the next four years, or at least until he’s impeached, if that happens before the end of his term. Perhaps if his staffers can keep him focused, they can reduce the number of controversies he triggers. There probably is something to this, as many were surprised that Trump didn’t respond when Jimmy Kimmel trolled him while on stage at the Oscars earlier this year.

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