These Are The Bestsellers And The Storekeepers Among The Used Cars

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Do you want to sell your Dodge Caravan? They will tear the car out of your hands. On an Audi Q7 or Chevrolet Sonic, you need a lot of patience. has determined from thousands of car sales the “bestsellers” and the “storekeepers”.

Which used cars are sold the most? Which ones change owner the fastest? And with which, as a seller, do you really have to beg for someone to finally buy your vehicle? This is shown by the current data of the Rubrikk Group, running in Canada. Originally from Norway and now active in many countries, the service provider analyzes advertisements for various car, job, and real estate portals. In the car sector, they analyzed the most sold second-hand cars, the fastest and the slowest-selling used cars.

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  1. The best-selling used car is the Honda Civic

With more than 25,000 used cars sold in the first six months of 2019, the Honda Civic was the number one. On average, the price per car was just under 12,000 Dollars, the average mileage was 87,600 kilometers.

With almost 21,000 used cars sold the Ford F-series followed in second place. They changed their owners on average at a mileage of 114,000 KM and for a retail price of 22,500 Dollars.

On place three the Dodge Ram 1500 was next. Sold about 14.600 times it averaged in 63,000 KM at a price of 30,000 Dollars.

On places four to six were the Hyundai Elantra, the Toyota Corolla and the Mazda 3 respectively.

Places seven and eight were occupied by the Dodge Grand Caravan and the VW Jetta, averaging in price at 16,500 and 11,000 Dollars.

The placements nine and ten of the most sold used cars went to the Ford Escape (11,600 sold) and the Chevrolet Cruze (10,800 sold).

  1. The fastest-selling used cars

Fastest sold cars

The Dodge Caravan was sold the fastest. On average it was already sold after two days.

In place two was the Toyota Echo, a real bargain at 1,900 Dollars on average.

Place three went to the Chevrolet C/K, usually not taking more than three days to be sold at an average of 5,000 Dollars.

Taking only three days to be sold were the Dodge Dakota, the Pontiac Montana and the Chevrolet Uplander, which respectively obtained the places from four to six.

On the places seven to ten were the Chevrolet Cobalt, the Dodge Caliber, the Pontiac G5, and the Ford E-Series which on average took about four days to be sold.

  1. The slowest sold used cars

Slowest selling cars

In contrast to the fast-selling used vehicles such as the Dodge Caravan, there were also some models that the used car buyers did not run after.

At the top of the snail race was the Mercedes GLA Class, where resale took an average of 66 days.

In second place was the Porsche 911 with an average of 58 days, closely followed by the Audi Q7 (56 days), Mazda CX-9 (55 days) and Range Rover Sport (55 days) in positions three to five.

Tailing those were the Chevrolet Sonic and the Infinity QX which had to wait an average of 54 days to get a new owner.

Next in line was the Mercedes CLA-Class with 53 days, the Lexus NX (52 days), and finally, the Nissan Qashqai also taking 52 days to sell.

About the Data:

Our statistics are based on 711,869 cars that were listed on in the first half of the year 2019. Only models that sold more than 500 times were taken into consideration. We use the median to calculate the number of days until sold, price and mileage.

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