Digital Health Trends [Infographic]

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Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry have always been intrinsically connected. It makes sense, doctors and physicians are like detectives because they do all the work looking for the solution. Pharmacies are they ones with the physical solutions. Whether it is a cure all pill or a regimen of vitamins the pharma industry and physicians have a reciprocal relationship. Let’s look at the digital health trends and acceleration of digital health.

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A Look At Digital Health Trends

Communication between these two fields is key for being able to offer the best experience for patients. Communication takes many forms. Typically pharmaceutical representatives would meet with a physician and show them product demonstrations and samples in order to “bid” for their attention.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this communication has almost halted to a stop. There are no longer in-person pharmaceutical visits, and giving a demonstration over video communication is often difficult and tiring. During the course of the pandemic in-person pharma visits fell by 63%.

This unforeseen hindrance on the communication between the pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals could have lasting negative impacts on the population if a change is not made.

Luckily, there is a quick solution for both parties if they are willing to make a change: digitalization. However, physicians have been resistant to a change to a digital relationship and it has to do with their preferences.

Physicians value pharmaceutical interactions that include samples 59% higher than those that don’t. They value the information they receive 53% higher in-person than online. Physicians also prefer in-person visits 43% more than digital because they can receive educational materials that they can disseminate to patients.

A Tough Choice For Pharma Representatives

Failure to digitize will cause a massive chain reaction within the pharma industry. With doctors and physicians being the main disseminators of pharmaceutical products there is a tough choice for pharma reps to consider.

Almost 1 in 3 pharmaceutical sales reps expect their role to change within the next year. Many hope that this is a shift towards digital but it may be too early to predict. That being said doctors and physicians have been more than willing to shift digitally in other aspects of their professional life.

Only time will tell whether or not the pharmaceutical industry will have a digital relationship with doctors and physicians within the medical field. Hopefully, both parties can figure out the best relationship that will benefit the consumers and patients going forward.

An embracement of a digital relationship could revitalize the industry and contribute to a better environment.

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