David Tepper Carnegie Mellon Presentation [TRANSCRIPT]

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I think you all know who David is. He’s of course the benefactor of our school and what you probably don’t know and may not know, is that he grew up in Pittsburgh and went to Peabody High School. He then went to the University of Pittsburgh for his undergraduate degree, worked for a year or so and then came back here and got his MBA and graduated with his MBA in 1982. He was one of my students back then.

David Tepper Carnegie Mellon Presentation [TRANSCRIPT]

You know, everybody always claims and attaches themselves to anybody that’s successful, so I’m claiming that a lot of his success must have been due to those courses he took from me, because he took a number of them (laughter). So anyway, it’s great to have David here. Very much appreciate you coming in especially to do this today and I know the students will appreciate it as well.

Now, this is just kind of an open, free forum, an opportunity for you to ask questions and hear answers from David. He does not have an hour’s worth of material that he’d prefer to talk about, because he wanted to give you lots of time to ask questions. So do make sure that you ask questions. Welcome, David.

David Tepper:

Thank you. I had a great time when I was a grad student here at Carnegie Mellon. And one of the reasons was Ken and one of the reasons was this place, being as small as it is, as intimate as it is, as friendly as it is. For me, this place was, in a way, almost life changing. I had a great time here and it really gave me the education I needed. It kind of filled a gap for me, moved me to the next level. My grad school class was 120, I think.

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