Dalio’s Investment Advice And Comments On Bridgewater Pure Alpha 2018 Returns

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Ray Dalio‘s answers questions on investment advice since Bridgewater Pure Alpha Fund made 14.6% last year.

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In reaction to a lot of press about us (Bridgewater) having made 14.6% in our flagship Pure Alpha fund last year when most investments and investment managers lost money, I’ve been asked for a lot of advice. I regret that I won’t be able to adequately provide it in this limited space (though I will eventually pass along the most important principles in my upcoming Economic & Investment Principles.) But I will pass along one important thought. If you are worried when the stock market goes down and happy when it goes up it probably indicates that your portfolio is unbalanced. If your income is also tied to how the economy does, you are doubly at risk because your portfolio can go down when your income is worst which is scary. Most people and companies are in that position and many make it even riskier by borrowing money to be in that position in an even bigger way. That’s what makes the financial rollercoaster ups and downs so big and dramatic. To me, the key is to not have any systematic biases by structuring your portfolios and your incomes so that they hedge each other and are in balance. Achieving good balance is the most important thing.

Article by Ray Dalio, LinkedIn

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