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10 Best Telegram Games for 2024

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Telegram – which recently surpassed 900 million users, is best known for privacy-focused messaging. That said, Telegram can also be used to play games, from chess and quizzes to poker and roulette.

Read on to discover 10 popular Telegram games that are worth playing in 2024.

The top Telegram game bots ranked

Let’s start with a list of 10 Telegram games from multiple niches:

  1. Lucky Block – Regulated Telegram casino with thousands of slots and table games
  2. Mega Dice – Crypto Telegram gambling bot with 200% bonus up to 1 BTC
  3. Quizarium – Enjoy general knowledge quiz games with Telegram friends
  4. Chess Bot – Play free chess games against a Telegram bot
  5. Poker Texas Holdem – Popular Telegram poker game with over 670,000 players
  6. Tic Tac Toe Bot – Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game with friends or an automated bot
  7. Wordi – Fun word-guessing Telegram game playable against random opponents
  8. TriviaBot – Complex and quick-paced Telegram trivia game for solo players
  9. BlackJack Bot – Play blackjack games against a bot dealer without risking money
  10. Chess Exercises – Solve chess solutions based on existing board positions

Best Telegram games reviewed

The Telegram game bots listed above will now be reviewed. Learn how each Telegram game works before getting started.

1. Lucky Block – Regulated Telegram casino with thousands of slots and table games

Lucky Block is a regulated online casino that recently launched on the Telegram app. It supports thousands of casino games, including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, video poker, and keno. Lucky Block also supports slots, including fan favorites like Sugar Rush, Wanted Dead or a Wild, and Gates of Olympus.

Lucky Block games are supplied by over 80 reputable software providers, such as NetEnt, Betsoft, Hacksaw Gaming, and Evolution. All games have been optimized for the Telegram app – ensuring an immersive gambling experience. While most games can be played for free, Lucky Block also accepts crypto wagers.

Lucky Block Telegram review
Lucky Block Telegram casino and sportsbook – Source: Telegram

Players simply need to choose a cryptocurrency and transfer the coins to their Lucky Block wallet. Bitcoin and some of the best altcoins are accepted, including Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Lucky Block matches the first deposit by 200%. It also offers 50 free spins when depositing €20 or more.

2. Mega Dice – Crypto-focused Telegram gambling bot with huge bonuses and instant withdrawals

Mega Dice is another regulated casino site that’s active on the Telegram app. Players can deposit and withdraw funds instantly via wallet-to-wallet payments. Mega Dice accepts some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether.

Once a deposit has been made, Telegram users have access to thousands of gambling products. This includes multiple slot categories, such as bonus buys, Megaways, Drops & Wins, and progressive jackpots. Table games are also offered, including live dealer tables.

Mega Dice Telegram review
Mega Dice Telegram casino and sportsbook – Source: Telegram

Mega Dice also offers provably fair games like mines, plinko, crash, and Hi-Lo. New players will get 50 free spins after depositing €20 or more. The first casino deposit also receives a 200% match of up to 1 BTC. In addition to casino games, Mega Dice is considered one of the best Bitcoin gambling sites for sports betting.

3. Quizarium – Play general knowledge quiz games with Telegram friends

Quizarium is one of the best Telegram games for playing quizzes. This is a multiplayer game, so you’ll need to add the Quizarium bot to a group chat. Once the game starts, Quizarium will randomly generate a question. There are no multiple-choice answers.

Instead, players must submit their answers via a text prompt. Each question offers an unlimited number of guesses – but the correct answer must be given within one minute. Points are awarded to players based on how quickly they answered.

Quizarium Telegram bot
Quizarium Telegram bot – Source: Telegram

We found that questions can be challenging. For instance, recently posted questions include “In which country was the first Zoo?” and “Which country in the world produces the most mangos”. Quizarium is completely free to play and there’s a global leaderboard, allowing players to compete against thousands of other users.

4. Chess Bot – Play free chess games against a Telegram bot

Chess Bot is one of the best Telegram games for solo players – especially those passionate about chess. Playing with other Telegram friends is not required, as an automated algorithm backs Chess Bot. This means you can play chess at any time without time limitations.

Players always start with the white pieces. They must click on the chess piece they want to move, such as a pawn or knight. The player then chooses the square they want the piece moved to, such as A4 or F4. The turn then moves to the automated bot, before returning to the player.

Chess Bot review Telegram
Chess Bot on Telegram – Source: Telegram

Although Chess Bot is prompt-based, it’s simple to play once you get the hang of things. Moreover, you can click the chess board to enlarge it, helping players select a suitable strategy. Best of all, Chess Bot is completely free to use. The main drawback is there isn’t a global leaderboard or scoring system.

5. Poker Texas Holdem – Popular Telegram poker game with over 670,000 players

Poker Texas Holdem is one of the best options for playing poker on Telegram. First, we should note that Poker Texas Holdem is completely free to use. There is no option for wagering real money or cryptocurrencies. Instead, players are given virtual chips to play with.

Players initially start with low-level blinds of 15/30. Cards are dealt to each player, represented by emojis. Players can enter a prompt when making a hand decision, such as raise, fold, or check. The turn then moves to the next player. Do note that there’s a time limit on each round.

Poker Texas Holdem Telegram bot
Poker Texas Holdem on Telegram – Source: Telegram

Players automatically check or fold when the time limit passes. Although Poker Texas Holdem is a multiplayer Telegram game, there’s no requirement to play with friends. Poker Texas Holdem has more than 670,000 users, so you’ll automatically be added to a table.

6. Tic Tac Toe Bot – Play the classic Tic Tac Toe game with friends or an automated bot

Another fun Telegram game to play is Tic Tac Toe Bot. This classic game starts with a 3×3 board of empty squares. One player uses ‘crosses’ while the other has ‘circles’. The objective is simple; players must complete a row of three.

This is a turn-based game that can be played directly against the bot. This means players don’t need Telegram friends to play. What’s more, Tic Tac Toe Bot enables players to select their difficulty level, from easy, medium, and hard. Unlike other Telegram games, Tic Tac Toe Bot doesn’t use text prompts.

Tic Tac Toe Bot on Telegram
Tic Tac Toe Bot on Telegram – Source: Telegram

Instead, there’s a virtual board on-screen, where players click on the square they want to fill. This makes the game more interactive and enjoyable. In addition, Tic Tac Toe Bot also supports multiplier mode. Simply add the bot to a group chat to play with friends.

7. Wordi – Fun word-guessing Telegram game playable against random opponents

The next Telegram game to check out is Wordi. This is a word-guessing game that can be played against friends or random opponents. After starting a new game, players are shown five letters. The idea is to create words. Points are given based on the length of each word submitted.

For example, suppose the given letters are D, S, N, E, and R. Players can click on S, E, N, and D to create the word SEND. They can then click on E, N, and S to submit the word END. Thousands of players are active on Wordi at any given time, so there’s always someone to play against.

Wordi Telegram game
Wordi game on Telegram – Source: Telegram

Another feature is that Wordi enables players to select their difficulty level. What’s more, players earn virtual coins when winning a game. Accumulated points help players climb the global leaderboard. Wordi is a free Telegram game, so there’s no potential to win real money.

8. TriviaBot – Complex and quick-paced Telegram trivia game for solo players

Another quiz-based game that makes this list is TriviaBot. Unlike other quiz games in the market, TriviaBot is played against the Telegram bot. This means players can enter and exit games at their own pace, without needing other Telegram friends to be active.

After promoting the bot to begin the game, the first question is posted. Most questions are highly advanced, although each comes with four multiple-choice answers. For instance, the first question we were asked was “What is the name of the largest rodent species found in South America?”.

TriviaBot Telegram bot
TriviaBot game on Telegram – Source: Telegram

The four potential answers given were Moose, Calypara, Catybara, and Capybara. Players simply need to click the letter of their chosen answer. TriviaBot will give the correct answer immediately and post the next question. There’s no scoring system or virtual coins, so players can’t track their progress.

9. BlackJack Bot – Play blackjack games against a bot dealer without risking money

BlackJack Bot is one of the best Telegram bots to play blackjack. This bot isn’t backed by a casino provider, so it’s completely risk-free. What’s more, it takes seconds to get started – just prompt the bot to deal the first hand. The player will be dealt two cards, which are shown as emojis.

The dealer will also be dealt two cards. However, only one card is face-up – similar to Vegas Strip rules. Players have two just options when making a move – ‘Stand’ or ‘Hit’. Opting to hit will deal another card to the player. Opting to stand will keep the current hand and move to the dealer, where their second card is revealed.

BlackJack Bot on Telegram
BlackJack Bot on Telegram – Source: Telegram

If the dealer’s total score is under 17, they’ll take another card. Whoever gets the highest score wins the game. Although BlackJack Bot is free, the game can get monotonous. There’s no scoring system, and other blackjack moves – such as ‘Double Down’ and ‘Split’, aren’t supported.

10. Chess Exercises – Solve chess solutions based on existing board positions

Another chess-related game on Telegram is Chess Exercises. This isn’t a classic chess game where players compete against friends or an automated bot. Instead, it’s aimed at players who want to improve their chess strategy and all-round game.

First, Chess Exercises loads a chess board from an existing game. The user will then be assigned as a white or black player. The idea is to select the most strategically effective move from the list of options. If the ideal move isn’t selected, players get another try.

Chess Exercises on Telegram
Chess Exercises on Telegram – Source: Telegram

Alternatively, players can reveal the correct move straight away. We like that players are given 1,500 points when starting. Those selecting the correct move on the first attempt will be given additional points. While incorrect guesses will lose points. This keeps the game competitive.

What types of games can you play on Telegram?

The Telegram app is home to a wide range of games. Although most are basic, the majority of games are free to play. As such, they’re a great way to pass the time without needing to spend money.

Some Telegram games can be played in solo mode. This means players compete against an automated bot. Chess Bot is a great example, where players can enjoy chess without needing other Telegram friends.

There are also Telegram games that can be played in multiplayer mode. This often requires the bot to be added to a group chat. For example, Quizarium allows Telegram friends to play trivia games.

Some games can be enjoyed with other players without needing to be friends on Telegram. For instance, Poker Texas Holdem has over 670,00 users, meaning players are randomly assigned to tables.

Can you play gambling games on Telegram?

Gambling is expected to be a huge growth market on the Telegram app. There are several regulated casinos and sportsbooks that have launched a Telegram bot, meaning users can wager with real money. However, due to licensing restrictions, gambling deposits and withdrawals are made with cryptocurrencies, rather than traditional payment methods like Visa or MasterCard.

Popular examples include Lucky Block and Mega Dice, which are regulated by the Governor of Curaçao. These Telegram casinos support wallet-to-wallet payments. So, the Telegram user chooses their preferred crypto coin and receives a unique wallet address. The player transfers the crypto coins to this address – and the payment is credited in several minutes.

Lucky Block casino on Telegram
Lucky Block casino and sportsbook on Telegram – Source: Telegram

Lucky Block, Mega Dice, and other regulated Telegram casinos support thousands of games. Not only are games optimized for Telegram but they’re backed by reputable and licensed software providers. For example, Lucky Block offers slot games from Hacksaw Gaming, Microgaming, and Betsoft. While Mega Dice supports table games like blackjack and roulette from Evolution and Pragmatic Play.

Crucially, crypto withdrawals are processed instantly – so players receive their Telegram gambling winnings in under 10 minutes. The crypto coins are simply transferred to the player’s selected wallet address. Another benefit is that most Telegram casinos don’t require an account – as gambling activities are linked to the player’s Telegram username. This ensures players can wager crypto coins in complete privacy.

How to find Telegram game bots

Each Telegram game has a unique username. This is the easiest way to find and load the preferred game. Simply open the Telegram app and paste the username in the search bar. If you don’t know the username and want to find generic games, you’ll need to search for keywords. For instance, search for ‘poker’ if you want to play poker games. Or ‘trivia’ if you want to enjoy quizzes.

The key issue with this strategy is that many Telegram games don’t work. Nothing happens when clicking on the /start command, meaning you’ll need to move on to the next search result. Instead, consider searching Google for your preferred game type. Read reviews like ours for personal Telegram gaming experiences, or browse suitable forums on Reddit.

Are Telegram games safe?

Most of Telegram’s 900 million users are legitimate. However, a small minority of Telegram users have nefarious intentions. Therefore, it’s important to stay safe when playing Telegram games.

The first safeguard is to ensure that personal data is never shared with a gaming bot. Many bots are prompt-based, so be careful with what you type. Caution should also be taken when clicking external links. There’s no reason to leave the Telegram app when playing games, so links should be avoided.

Users should also be careful when playing multiplayer games with people they don’t know. For instance, a common strategy for scammers is to send a private message to other users. They’ll attempt to build trust to deceive users, almost always for financial gain.

We’d suggest blocking anyone who messages you privately, as it’s likely to be a scam. Players should also be mindful of their username when gaming on Telegram, as it’s publicly viewable. Avoid usernames that could reveal personal information or contact details.


In summary, there are thousands of fun and credible Telegram games to enjoy. Gaming genres include everything from chess, quizzes, and poker to slots and Tic Tac Toe.

The majority of Telegram games are free, so there’s no harm in seeing what’s out there. Just make sure you stay safe – avoid clicking external links and never share personal data with a Telegram bot.


Can I play games on Telegram?

Yes, Telegram enables third-party developers to launch games. Telegram games include chess, quizzes, gambling, and everything in between.

Is Telegram good for gaming?

Although Telegram games offer lots of variety, they’re typically basic. Many games rely on emojis instead of interactive graphics, meaning they can quickly become monotonous.

How do I search for games on Telegram?

Open the Telegram app and look for the search bar above the main messaging dashboard. Paste the game’s unique Telegram username and click it to begin playing.

What are the best Telegram game bots?

Lucky Block and Mega Dice are the best Telegram bots for gambling, considering they’re regulated providers offering instant payouts. Quizarium is a great option for playing quiz games with other Telegram friends.


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