The Best Cryptos Under $1 to Buy in 2024

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The web3 landscape is growing at an exponential rate and several industry sectors are at the crossover of implementing blockchain technology to their operations. Many new coins under $1 are emerging at lightning speed, paving the way for futuristic technological advancements in real life business operations.

With so many new projects to research, you may wonder which are the best new cryptocurrencies to invest in at an affordable entry point.

Here is our complete guide on the best cryptos under $1 to buy in 2024, in which we will cover several projects from new crypto presales, meme coins, and lesser-known tokens.

  • Gain exclusive airdrop points by buying and holding $SMOG
  • Conquer foes and reap rewards on the Solana blockchain
  • Secure your stake on Solana through a direct $SMOG purchase on Jupiter DEX
Project Launched
February 2024
Purchase Methods
  • SOL
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • A meme token with up to 257% in rewards
  • CEX listing and a play to earn game on the roadmap
  • Sponge V1 made 100x in 2023. Join V2 presale
Project Launched
December 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • New Bitcoin cloud mining with 'Stake to Mine' rewards mechanism
  • Users stake the native token in exchange for cloud mining credits
  • Mining credits are burned in exchange for cloud mining power, earning you Bitcoin
Project Launched
September 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • +2 more
  • A meme-based PvP crypto game with high rewards
  • Competitive staking pools, up to 122% APY
  • Earn cryptocurrencies by predicting the outcome of the battles
Project Launched
September 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Seamlessly combines AI and blockchain technology to offer many valuable opportunities for investors
  • Equipped with advanced AI for blockchain security, fraud detection
  • $SCOTTY presale is structured in a tiered pricing model
Project Launched
December 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • Innovative blockchain-based electric vehicles project
  • The eTukTuk prototype is scheduled to be revealed in the first phase
  • opBNB will be used in tandem with BNB for scalability and reduce costs
Project Launched
January 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • +1 more
  • The 5Scpae Coins unlock special in-game features
  • Brings VR capabilities into Web3 gaming
  • An ERC20 token, it is compatible with existing Ethereum DeFi platforms and smart contracts
Project Launched
January 2024
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • +2 more
  • Gamified Bitcoin predictions game. Stake, predict and earn
  • Boosted staking yields. Up to 15% boost in daily rewards
  • A-tier CEX and DEXs listings at token launch
Project Launched
April 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit
  • Scorpion Casino platform shares profits with $SCORP holders
  • $SCORP token holders receive exclusive bonuses, prizes, casino credits
  • Pre-sale investors can instantly earn daily staking rewards
Project Launched
February 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • USDT
  • Designed to be a store of value
  • Aim to solve the problem of centralization, transparency and fairness in the financial and gaming worlds
  • Incorporates a 1% burn mechanism on transactions
Project Launched
November 2023
Purchase Methods
  • ETH
  • USDT
  • Debit

Our Picks of the Best Cryptos Under $1 in 2024

  1. Smog (SMOG): Originally launched on Solana and now available on Ethereum, Smog is taking over the meme coin market with nearly 5,000% growth in under a week, and a huge forthcoming airdrop
  2. Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2): A revamp of the original Sponge V1 which was one of the biggest meme coins last year, giving early contributors 100x returns. Sponge V2 adds utility to the token by implementing staking features with a new play-to-earn game to be released soon. Users must stake-to-bridge the original V1 tokens to obtain $SPONGEV2.
  3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX): A new crypto project which lowers the barrier to entry for Bitcoin mining and allows anyone to participate in community mining for cryptocurrencies. The project introduces a stake-to-mine model which permits Bitcoin mining from a smartphone without the need of costly hardware or technical knowledge.
  4. Meme Kombat (MK): A Pokémon style battleground arena game where the most popular web3 meme characters meet to compete in battles, where outcomes are randomized using the power of artificial intelligence. The game has play-to-earn mechanics where players can wager against community members or the game itself to predict the outcome of battles.
  5. Scotty the AI (SCOTTY): Positioned as one of the best affordable crypto coins in 2024 having raised over $400,000. Scotty the AI advances artificial intelligence, crossing over with blockchain to improve security, fraud detection and crypto on-chain analytics.
  6. eTukTuk (TUK): One of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in. eTukTuk is a sustainable transport initiative which is developing an environmentally friendly transport network of eTukTuks and charging points in developing nations. Its native $TUK tokens will be used within the ecosystem and function to help the unbanked in under-developed regions.
  7. 5th Scape (5SCAPE): Early in its presale phase, 5th Scape is at the crossover of virtual reality gaming and web3 technology. The project has a suite of games and digital experiences which have ultra realistic environments for a limitless gaming experience.
  8. Green Bitcoin (GBTC): Green Bitcoin is pioneering a new predict-to-earn model whereby users can stake tokens and predict the price of Bitcoin to receive a share of the reward pool. It has sustainability at its core promoting a more energy efficient blockchain protocol.
  9. Scorpion Casino (SCORP): A newly-launched, licensed online casino platform that rewards community members for holding the native $SCORP token. Scorpion Casino is among the most promising cryptos to invest in for passive rewards.
  10. Mollars (MOLLARS): More than just a component of a gaming ecosystem. $MOLLARS aims to transcend the financial landscape and promote equality and inclusion to stimulate collective growth in a merit-based economy.
  11. ScapesMania (MANIA): A gaming ecosystem built for the casual gaming market. ScapesMania utilizes web3 to give both crypto enthusiasts and casual gamers the opportunity to influence the development of games. The project is a BNB Grant 2023 winner and is being built out by the blockchain and gaming software solutions outlet, REDPILL Team.
  12. ApeMax (APEMAX): A gamified meme coin that implements a staking feature which rewards users for locking tokens. ApeMax is unique in that the price increases every 24 hours, and users are able to purchase loot boxes which give added discounts and boosters, allowing them to obtain more tokens.
  13. Pikamoon (PIKA): A deflationary GameFi token at the center of the Pikaverse gaming metaverse. Pikamoon is building out its own animated metaverse game with the native token functioning as the in-game currency.
  14. TON Diamonds (GLINT): The native token of the TON blockchain’s first NFT marketplace and auction house. $GLINT has a variety of utility allowing users to share a portion of platform fees for holding, and functions as the currency of the NFT marketplace allowing purchases, staking, and DAO governance.

A Closer Look at 14 the Best Coins Under $1

Our expert reviewers have conducted thorough research on which are the best small cryptos to invest in for 2024. Read on to find a comprehensive review on each project, highlighting a range of key features and insights.

1. Smog (SMOG): New Solana Blockchain Project Seeing Major Growth Thanks to Zealy Campaign and Huge Forthcoming Airdrop

Demand for meme coins has been on the rise lately, with $BONK achieving an extraordinary 10,000% increase in 2023. With one eye on similar gains, newcomer $SMOG has fair launched on the Solana network, with plans to become the “one meme coin to rule them all”.

So far, things appear to be going to plan. The token’s value surged 1,400% in its first 24 hours on the market, with this number rising to 3000% within three days and nearly 5,000% inside a week.

smog crypto token

This success largely comes down to the coin’s unique utility, with the creators promising the “greatest Solana airdrop of all time” during Phase 3 of the project. 35% of the token’s 1.4 billion supply has been set aside for the drop, equating to nearly 500 million tokens.

The project’s ongoing Zealy campaign is also helping to create noise around Smog, with holders encouraged to complete various challenges in return for XP, which can be redeemed for extra tokens during the forthcoming airdrop.

50% of $SMOG’s token supply is being earmarked for such marketing activities. This will likely generate considerable interest in the project.

Following the blinding success of $BONK in 2023, $SMOG has launched with the intention of shaking up the meme coin market.

Taking these factors into account, Smog is clearly one of the best cryptos under $1 in 2024.

Hard CapN/A
Total Tokens1.4 Billion
Tokens Available in PresaleN/A
Token TypeSPL
Minimum PurchaseN/A
Purchase WithSOL, USDT, BONK

Visit SmogPresale

2. Sponge V2 (SPONGEV2): Revamp of SPONGEV1 Giving a Second Chance for the Next 100x Meme Coin

Sponge V2 is the second coming of Sponge V1 which was one of the best meme coins of 2023, giving early investors a 100x price increase.

The platform is upgrading the smart contracts for the popular meme coin $SPONGEV1 and introducing staking features and a play-to-earn game.

Sponge V2 is one of the best cryptos under $1 to invest in as the project proves to have a strong social following and support from the wider web3 meme communities.

best cryptos under $1

Community members who missed out on the huge opportunity Sponge V1 presented now have another opportunity. The project is not launching a typical presale as done previously, but rather it is introducing a new stake-to-bridge model where users will need to stake $SPONGEV1, and upon launch will be credited with the equivalent amount of V2 tokens, with added staking bonus.

This is due to the smart contract upgrades. $SPONGEV1 will need to migrate to $SPONGEV2 and upon launch all staked Sponge V1 tokens will be burned and exchanged for $SPONGEV2.


If you missed out on Sponge V1 you can still get involved by participating in the stake-to-bridge presale. Users can purchase tokens on an exchange, or alternatively, visit the official Sponge website to buy and stake some $SPONGEV1.

Currently the project offers 242% annual rewards for staking, and users will be able to continuously receive rewards prior to the official token migration and launch.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX): Stake-to-Mine Protocol Tokenizing Cloud Mining & Lowering the Barrier to Entry for Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Minetrix is a new cryptocurrency project launched in Q4 2023 with the mission of making Bitcoin mining accessible to the average person with its tokenized cloud mining platform. The project is among the top cheap cryptocurrency projects to invest in, having raised over $10 Million in the ongoing presale.

At the center of the project is the native ERC20 token $BTCMTX, which can be staked to earn cloud mining credits to participate in Bitcoin mining.

best cryptos under $1

The project is targeting the issue of expensive start up costs and the need for technical know-how when it comes to Bitcoin mining operations. According to Financial Modelling Expert Dhruv Tandan, the approximate cost of mining one Bitcoin, factoring in mining equipment, electricity and other operational costs for warehouse and cooling systems, is $26,500.

Bitcoin Minetrix provides a solution to these barriers with an easy-to-access framework that allows anybody to participate in crypto mining.

best cryptos under $1

To start mining Bitcoin, users must first acquire the $BTCMTX token and can do so by participating in the presale offering. The current price of $BTCMTX is $0.0132 and users can stake tokens immediately to qualify for over 60% annual rewards.

Upon being awarded cloud mining credits, users can burn them to acquire a proportional amount of hash power for the mining operations. Currently, tokens can be staked on the official website, however, upon launch, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to roll out a mobile application with a seamless user interface allowing anyone to mine on-the-go.

4. Meme Kombat (MK): Bet on Meme Character Favorites in This Wager-Based, Play-to-Earn Game

Meme Kombat is a new play-to-earn crypto game which comprises all the most famous meme characters from the web3 space.

This new game incorporates wagering, allowing users to bet their stake of $MK and predict the correct outcome of meme battles.

Meme characters include Pepe, Doge, Shiba Inu, Wojak, Sponge and more in this fun-filled battle frenzy, which aims to bring all meme communities under one umbrella.

Meme Kombat Presale

The outcomes of the meme character battles are simulated using the power of artificial intelligence. Players are able to wager in several ways, either betting against other players or the game itself. In order to wager on battles, users must first stake the native $MK tokens and can then use their $MK to place bets with.

There are several performance factors to bet on such as betting on the win/lose outcome, side action betting on specific occurrences in the battle, or odds-based betting on match statistics.

Meme Kombat staking

Moreover, Meme Kombat gives the opportunity for users to stake their tokens immediately to receive up to 114% APY, with the platform already having awarded 7 Million $MK tokens prior to launching.

Meme Kombat is holding an ongoing presale, with the token price currently sitting at 1 $MK is $0.279.

Our expert analysts are extremely excited about this new cheap cryptocurrency project, branding it one of the best crypto presales of 2024.

5. Scotty the AI (SCOTTY): One of the Best Affordable Crypto Projects Promoting Blockchain Security, Market Insights and Crypto Analytics

Scotty the AI is a digital assistant that can support with on-chain analytics, market insights, transaction monitoring and all things blockchain.

This new crypto project has created a full-proof GPT with advanced security testing capabilities that can bypass firewalls and encryption algorithms.

Scotty the AI Presale

The $SCOTTY token presale is currently live and you can participate by swapping ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC or via card payment which requires KYC verification. The current price of 1 $SCOTTY is $0.0052 and the platform is offering up to 566% annual rewards for staking.

The project has already launched its MVP ahead of its phase 2 milestone in the roadmap. Users are able to access the Scotty Chat and ask any advanced questions about blockchain or crypto market insights. Our review panel asked Scotty to create some Ethereum code that has staking features and the program was able to successfully write us a sample code.

Scotty the AI Chat

The platform is also set to launch Scotty Swap, an advanced DEX exchange aggregator which will optimize token trades by finding the best price and route of exchange, enabling cost-efficiency to maximize profits.

6. eTukTuk (TUK): Improving Transport Sustainability with a Network of eTukTuk’s & Dedicated City Charging Infrastructure

eTukTuk is revolutionizing the sustainable transport industry with its innovative solution to improve overall air quality and reduce pollution in developing nations. The project envisions a city with a fleet of electric tuk-tuks and accessible charging infrastructure for all.

eTukTuk presale

eTukTuk will incorporate a real life play-to-earn game allowing TukTuk drivers to earn while they drive. Drivers will be awarded tokens for successfully completing journeys in a timely manner, opening the doors for a circular ecosystem that revolves around the project’s native $TUK token.

$TUK tokens can also be used to obtain discounts on vehicle charging. Moreover, once the charging infrastructure is rolled out, users who stake the tokens will be able to earn a portion of the fees charged for the energy, thus creating a circular economy for the unbanked in poorer nations.

eTukTuk P2E

The project is currently one of the most promising cryptos in presale. The current price to acquire 1 $TUK is $0.02625 and participants are able to buy and immediately stake tokens for a lucrative 295% annual rewards.

To find out more about the project, join the eTukTuk social communities on Discord and Telegram.

7. 5th Scape (5SCAPE): Immersive Entertainment Ecosystem with a Range of Games and Other Digital Experiences

5th Scape is a project at the crossroads of gaming, virtual reality (VR), and web3 technologies. It offers a suite of five VR games, with a vision of being an entertainment ecosystem that hosts e-learning programs, immersive animations, movies, enterprise training sessions and other digital experiences.

The project’s native token, $5SCAPE, will be utilized within the ecosystem as a means of transaction. Players can use the tokens to make purchases for premium content, in-game items and perks, add-ons, character skins and upgrades, and other exclusive products.

Users will also be able to earn $5SCAPE tokens simply for gameplay time, participating in competitions, or completing specific milestone achievements.

Along with the digital suite of products, 5th Scape introduces a state of the art VR Ultra Headset and the SwiftScape Gaming Chair which will optimize a user’s immersive experience.

5th Scape is potentially one of the biggest cheap cryptocurrencies to invest in today, with huge potential for upsides. Having already built out a digital suite of games paired with the latest VR hardware, 5th Scape could rise up as the next 100x VR coin to explode.

8. Green Bitcoin (GBTC): Predict-to-Earn Protocol with Gamified Green Staking for Share of Rewards

A more eco-friendly version of $BTC, Green Bitcoin is an innovative staking platform offering users the opportunity to predict future Bitcoin trends and be rewarded for doing so.

The project’s token, $GBTC, is a new crypto coin that merges the power of the Ethereum proof-of-stake mechanism, paired with the decentralization of Bitcoin. The protocol reduces the energy output required to power a blockchain like Bitcoin while also offering gamified staking rewards for participation in its ecosystem.

Green Bitcoin Presale

The Bitcoin halving is an upcoming crypto event which will make Bitcoin mining more difficult and lower the rewards that miners will receive. This is where Green Bitcoin comes in, offering a seamless way to earn rewards from helping to validate transactions via staking.

A CoinTelegraph market study showed that out of 10,000 cryptocurrency investors, 84% expect new all-time highs following the Bitcoin halving in 2024. Holding $GGBTC will allow you to capitalize on this opportunity and make calculated price predictions to earn crypto rewards.

Green Bitcoin Staking

Green Bitcoin is currently holding a presale and participants are able to immediately stake $GBTC tokens. To obtain tokens, users must swap Ethereum, USDT or BNB, or alternatively, initiate a card payment with KYC.

Over 65% of the total $GBTC brought in presale is currently being staked, which offers 330% annual rewards. This shows that Green Bitcoin is a potentially good low crypto to buy in 2024.

9. Scorpion Casino (SCORP): The First Ever Crypto Casino Token that Rewards Holders Daily for Casino Performance

Scorpion Casino is the first of its kind community rewards online casino. The platform is introducing a new model that will reward token holders based on the performance and profits of the casino itself. This protocol introduces a new utility to staking by incorporating community rewards to users who stake its native $SCORP token.

Statista market insights state that the casino and online iGaming industry is projected to reach a total revenue of $107.30 billion this year, with the number of users expected to reach 243.2 million by 2028. With these market factors in mind, the Scorpion Casino token is capturing a portion of that market share while rewarding holders and contributors.

The Scorpion Casino ecosystem comprises 30,000 online betting opportunities monthly, over 200 popular casino titles and 160 live games. One stand out factor is that Scorpion Casino is licensed by the Government of Curacao to provide online e-gaming services, and our expert researchers were able to verify the license.

Scorpion Casino Presale

The Scorpion Casino is currently live and offers a 100% deposit bonus, meaning you can earn extra simply from depositing $SCORP brought in the presale. Moreover, the project already offers presale participants up to 40% in casino credits for free.

Therefore, with all of these bonus opportunities for instant profits, our expert review considers Scorpion Casino among the best cryptocurrency under $1.

10. Mollars (MOLLARS): A Token Representing a Store of Value that Transcends Current Models

Mollars is a crypto token that stands as a symbol of innovation. According to the website, the token is not simply a component of a gaming ecosystem, but rather serves as a foundation for a new decentralized financial landscape.

The project seems to promote collective growth, which emphasizes true decentralization in a merit-based economy.

Mollars Presale

The project targets the issue of centralization in the world of finance, which leads to issues of transparency, inclusivity and wealth inequality. The native ERC20 token $MOLLARS tackles this issue through its integration with gaming, permissioned community efforts for engagement, entertainment and financial growth.

The $MOLLARS token will function as the ecosystem currency and will have an earning mechanism allowing participants to gain more tokens through active participation and community contributions.

The token will also deduct 3% of every $MOLLAR transaction as tax to reinvest to building out the ecosystem and provide DAO funding.

The presale is currently live and users can acquire tokens at the discounted price of $0.50 per token.

11. ScapesMania (MANIA): Combining the Power of Web3 with the Massive Web2 Casual Gaming Audience

ScapesMania is a new crypto under $1 which is at the intersection of blockchain technology and web2 casual gaming. The platform provides web3 enthusiasts with the opportunity to participate in the development of casual games.

The project’s native token, $MANIA, will have a variety of functioning utility within the ScapesMania ecosystem. The token has token buyback mechanism, token burn features, staking contracts, can be used to buy in-game assets, earned as engagement rewards, and held to qualify for governing the project activities.

ScapesMania Presale

Users can qualify for DAO Governance of the project to influence and contribute to the $MANIA ecosystem development. A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization and DAO Governance is the process of holding a given amount of tokens to qualify for voting rights to define and contribute to how an organization operates.

ScapesMania DAO members will influence the development of the project through actions such as voting on issue funds from the DAO Grant to develop new games, vote on adding features to existing games, and participate in quarterly feedback and review events.

The project’s presale currently offers up to 92% bonus for participating in this new crypto ICO with the price of 1 $MANIA token set at $0.009017 USDT. ScapesMania has raised over $5 million so far, proving to be one of the most popular presales in 2024.

Moreover, the platform is being developed by the 2023 Binance BNB Grant Award winners, the REDPILL Team, a full-cycle blockchain and software solutions company experienced in web3 game development.

12. ApeMax (APEMAX): Gamified Meme Coin with Staking Features and Price Increases Every 24 Hours

ApeMax is a meme coin project that allows users to earn passive rewards from staking $APEMAX. The platform is built on the Binance Smart Chain, with a key feature being that the token price increases every 24 hours during its presale.

The current token price is $0.00040338 and the project has raised over $1.5 million so far.

ApeMax meme coin presale

Users who participate in the presale can stake $APEMAX tokens immediately to start yielding some positive APY%. Within this ecosystem, users can purchase loot boxes which offer extra discounted ApeMax tokens.

Purchasing the $999 loot box will give 50% off of the token price, meaning you can immediately double the amount of $APEMAX when owning a loot box.

ApeMax tokenomics

The project’s tokenomics are fairly simple with 30% being offered in the presale and 61% being allocated to staking rewards. The other 9% is allocated to the liquidity provision and team funds, meaning this is one of the simplest meme coin staking protocols in the market.

13. Pikamoon (PIKA): The In-Game Cryptocurrency of the play-to-earn gaming platform Pikaverse

Pikamoon is a crypto gaming platform that has built out its own animated metaverse game, with its native $PIKA token powering the Pikaverse. The platform harnesses the power of the Ethereum chain creating a deflationary GameFi token which is incorporated into play-to-earn mechanics and NFTs.

The token entails a transaction tax of 2.5% on sell orders and transfers which will be used to support the metaverse development and marketplace. There is no buying tax as Pikamoon wishes to reward holders and punish those leaving the ecosystem.

Pikaverse Presale

$PIKAMOON tokens are available for purchase in the presale offering, which is currently in phase 3 with the token price being $0.0006. The project has raised over $4.5 million and access to play the BETA version and staking features are due to be released after launch.

14. TON Diamonds (GLINT): The First NFT Marketplace and Auction House on the Telegram Blockchain

TON Diamonds is an NFT marketplace on the Telegram social messaging app’s native blockchain, TON. The platform’s native token, $GLINT, is the first token from an NFT marketplace on TON and has a variety of utility and reward mechanisms.

Firstly, if not acquiring $GLINT tokens from a TON decentralized exchange, users must hold a TON Diamonds NFT, which automatically farms $GLINT tokens simply for holding. Each TON Diamond will have its own set of traits such as size and rarity which will ultimately define the speed at which tokens are farmed.

Moreover, 22% of all marketplace and auction house fees are shared with $GLINT token holders. Also within the Telegram marketplace, users are able to pay fees with $GLINT at no additional costs. $GLINT can also be used as a primary currency of transaction for purchasing NFTs from the TON Diamonds marketplace.

The protocol also has added staking utility allowing users to lock tokens into the smart contract to get extra rewards, while holding a mass amount of tokens can qualify a person to influence the project’s development by becoming a member of the DAO.

TON Diamonds

TON is still in its early stages, with new products, dApps and protocols being released to build out the TON ecosystem.

We find that TON is definitely one of the top cheap cryptocurrency projects to invest into as Telegram serves as the primary social communication app of the crypto community, having a mass influence on the sector as a whole.

How to Find the Best Cheap Cryptocurrency to Invest in

Finding new crypto coins under $1 can be a time-consuming endeavor. Searching for crypto presales, scanning exchanges and monitoring social media trends are all tactical ways to find the best upcoming cryptocurrencies.

Look for the Latest Presales

One of the most effective methods to find the best cryptos under $1 is to search for crypto presales. Crypto presales occur when a project is raising initial funds and usually will have a whitepaper, roadmap and an MVP (minimum viable product).

The new project will have outlined its mission and already bootstrapped the project, now seeking extra funding to progress the development of its product.

Crypto presales are usually the best time to invest in new and upcoming projects as they offer tokens at a discounted rate. Projects look to build out their communities in these early stages, and it is common for them to offer extra ways to earn tokens by conducting social media tasks, community engagement activity and on-chain tasks such as beta testing.

Monitor Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are the primary tool used by web3 project communities and traders. A wide variety of resourceful information can be found from social media platforms where crypto users are prevalent such as X (Crypto Twitter), Telegram, Reddit and Discord.

These platforms have long been used by various actors in the web3 sector from traders, developers, community and marketing managers, project protocols, and crypto exchanges. You can usually find a wide range of insights on all facets of the crypto space from trading tips, new airdrops and the best cheap cryptos to invest in.

popular social media logos

Check Crypto Exchanges

The primary location to transact with cryptocurrencies is on cryptocurrency exchanges. There are two types of exchanges, centralized (CeFI) and decentralized (DeFi), where users can buy, sell, swap and stake cryptocurrency assets.

CeFi exchanges frequently make announcements about new and upcoming cryptos that will be listed. Some projects which have recently concluded their presales will be set to launch on centralized exchanges, so you may find information from a project’s community chat.

Binance or OKX are top-tier centralized exchanges that new crypto projects will look to list on and are the most widely used among crypto traders.

Decentralized exchanges (DEX) are more suitable for finding new tokens, as that is the first place where coins are listed upon launch, and can be done so permissionless via smart contract. However, DEX exchanges like UniSwap and PancakeSwap do not have a viewable marketplace of tokens, therefore, traders can use a crypto price tracking site such as DEXTools or DEX Screener.

Stay up to Date with the Latest Crypto News

The crypto markets move at a rapid rate with both token prices and projects in the current spotlight changing very frequently.

It is crucial to scan crypto news sites and news update channels on Telegram. Important insights will usually spread across social media quite quickly, so both crypto news sites and social media contribute to finding the latest information on the crypto markets.

Staying Safe in Web3

With the web3 space being mostly decentralized, there are numerous ways that criminals are finding to dupe the average investor and exploit funds.

It is crucial to always do your own research, double check links for phishing, make sure any protocol you interact on with your wallet is secure and vetted, and never share your private keys or store them on a device which can access the internet.

Security is of highest priority in the web3 sector and you should always be vigilant when opening links or interacting with decentralized protocols.

How We Select Small Cryptocurrencies to Invest in

There are a number of factors that our expert analysts consider when presenting the best cheap cryptos to invest in.

Our experts spend countless hours looking at facets of each project such as the project features, roadmap, token utility, and the wider crypto community outlook. Below, we provide more in depth coverage on how we select the most promising cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Economic Outlook

The economic outlook is a key factor to consider when analyzing the best upcoming cryptocurrency coins.

The blockchain space has seen immense technological developments and projects are now crossing over with hi-tech industries such as VR, xR, cloud mining, AI-integrated transport, sustainable staking, and real world assets.

Any project which is advancing our everyday business operations, making processes more efficient through blockchain, could be the next big cryptocurrency.

The Project’s Roadmap

It is always good to check out a project’s roadmap as it will give insight into what milestones the platform wishes to achieve and will display an expected timeframe for the progressions of the project.

Roadmaps give upcoming crypto projects an overview of where they currently are, where they wish to go and what developments they expect to conduct in the future at given times.

Bitcoin Minetrix Roadmap

Features and Utility

Any new crypto project’s success ultimately boils down to what it offers, what it innovates and what it provides to the community.

Successful tokens that will actually be held and used by traders usually present themselves with some form of utility. Such utility can include staking, being used for transactions, rewards, or used for wagering if it is a wager-based gaming platform.

Is it Worth Buying the Best Crypto Coins Under a Dollar?

Although new crypto projects may not have fully rolled out their project goals, there are a few key reasons why investing in coins under $1 can be beneficial for an investor portfolio.


When it comes to investing in any asset class, diversification is a portfolio management tactic that will lower risk and increase the likelihood of gains.

A typical diversification strategy is to have 50% in low-risk, high market cap coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum which have less volatility. 30% can be allocated to medium risk assets, tokens that are top-100 market cap coins that have slightly more risk involved but high potential for growth.

The last 20% can be allocated to low cap, high-risk tokens such as meme coins, new cryptocurrency projects and crypto presales.

Low-Cost Entry Point

The key to investing is having a correctly placed entry point, typically when a chart is showing that a crypto is at the pullback in an uptrend or pushing through a resistance point.

Purchasing cryptos at the optimum price will ensure that you are at a low-risk, low-cost entry point where the token is fighting above the resistance level with potential for upside.

Potential for Bigger Gains than with Established Cryptos

As with all new crypto coins, getting the earliest and cheapest entry point will maximize the potential for bigger gains.

With smaller, cheap cryptocurrencies, there is more potential for explosive growth, as seen with $SPONGEV1, which gave early contributors immense gains of 100x.

Participating in upcoming ICOs or acquiring tokens near to when they first launch will always give the best potential to reap the rewards when the price increases.

How to Buy Cheap Cryptocurrencies

The first and simplest way to buy crypto under $1 is to use a reputable, centralized exchange such as Binance or OKX which will frequently list new, top-tier cryptos.

In order to find small cryptos to invest in, you can use CoinMarketCap and either individually research coins, checking the launch dates, or alternatively by checking the recently added cryptos.

A slightly more challenging route is to find lesser-known cryptocurrencies which have not fully launched on centralized exchanges, which can be found on DEX platforms such as UniSwap, PancakeSwap and Radium.

New tokens which are released but not listed on a top-tier exchange can be found on these decentralized exchanges. A similar website to use for price analytics is DEXTools or DEX Screener.

Our Verdict on the Best Affordable Crypto Coins to Buy in 2024

To finalize our review of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in during 2024, we have selected a couple of highlight projects that stand out to our expert research panel.

Firstly, we believe that Bitcoin Minetrix could be among the best cheap cryptocurrency to invest in this year. Bitcoin halving is just around the corner and with this in mind, there has never been a better time to start mining bitcoin, and Bitcoin Minetrix has lowered the barrier to entry for this.

Next, Sponge V2 is a clear front-runner, as the original Sponge V1 was the biggest meme coin to skyrocket in price during 2023. With an already strong community, and the web3 space highly anticipating the release of the revamped V2, this project could be poised to be the next big crypto to buy during 2024.

Beyond this, the panel also highlighted Scorpion Casino as one of the best online casino cryptos to buy this year. The rationale comes from the recent success of the Telegram Casino, of which the native token $TGC did a 4x from ICO price.

Finally, eTukTuk also looks like it could be among the best cryptocurrency under $1 in 2024. The new drive-to-earn platform has innovated blockchain architecture for sustainable transport from the ground-up, and its native token, $TUK, has caught our eye as a new upcoming crypto project to watch.


In order to review the best cryptos to invest in, our expert panel spends around five hours researching each project, exploring their community and social media presence, developing a sound overview of the protocol and features offered.

In order to provide an unbiased review, our expert panel consists of five different members, some of which do not possess a deep understanding of cryptocurrency and are therefore not able to influence the decision-making .


What are the newest crypto coins?

There are many new crypto coins that are released daily. You can check for new cryptos that we have reviewed in the article above, which include new presales such as Bitcoin Minetrix, SpongeV2 & Meme Kombat.

How do I find newly listed crypto coins?

You can search on crypto price analytics websites such as CoinMarketCap or use centralized exchanges such as Binance or OKX. To track prices of DeFi coins which are only traded on decentralized exchanges you can check DexTools or DEX Screener.

Which crypto is expected to skyrocket?

As with all investments it is key to do your own research. However, our expect analytics team highlighted Bitcoin Minetrix, Sponge V2 and eTukTuk among the best potential cryptos to skyrocket in 2024.

Which crypto is booming now?

One crypto which is booming at the moment is $SPONGEV2. The project is still in its stake-to-bridge presale with over $7 Million worth of tokens being staked for bridging in anticipation for the migration launch.