COVID-19: The Largest-Ever Cybersecurity Threat

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Cybersecurity Month Has Arrived Amidst an Increase in Scams by 400% Since March, Making COVID-19 the Largest-Ever Cybersecurity Threat

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The pandemic may have justifiably hogged world headlines so far in 2020; however, while the global lockdown may have been good news to online retailers and remote-based businesses, it also provided an environment ripe for cybercriminals to benefit lucratively. With October being Cybersecurity Month, Jeri Morgan, Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Code Blue Computing, is on a mission to raise extra awareness around the topic.

Cybersecurity Threats Increasing During COVID-19

An increase in online purchases offers additional opportunities for manipulating credit card information and other sensitive data. People operating remotely have opened new doors for offenders, both individuals and dark web-based organizations, to access their confidential information.

In a recent cyber-attack, the city of Lafayette CO became a victim of stolen computer files, which triggered a collapse of the city's computer, phone lines, and email network. Officials paid the ransom to prevent further disturbances.Some more disturbing cybersecurity statistics from 2020 include:

  • Half a million Zoom user accounts were compromised and sold on a dark web forum.
  • 33,000 unemployment applicants were exposed to a data security breach from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program in May.
  • United States cybersecurity breaches cost the highest of any other country at $8.64 million.
  • Visits to popular hacker websites and forums increased by 66% between March and May.

Cybersecurity challenges for many individuals and enterprises are, sadly, an everyday occurrence. Daily and widespread attacks occur, and data suggests that businesses remain vulnerable from hackers, viruses, and data violations.

People must understand how to avoid cybersecurity threats to win the battle against cybersecurity threats. For a successful company, security best practices are vital. Code Blue Computing can help with this. For more information, visit them online at

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