Coronavirus stimulus checks: McConnell ready to delay Aug recess

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We are now just days away from the August 7 deadline for the next coronavirus package. Though negotiators are working hard to come up with a deal, there are still differences between the two sides. In case there is no decision on the coronavirus stimulus checks deal by August 7, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has assured that they will delay the scheduled recess. Presently, the last day in session is scheduled for August 7, after which the Senate will go on a month-long break until September 8.

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Coronavirus stimulus: progress but differences still prevail

Negotiators, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, and White House officials Steve Mnuchin and Mark Meadow, have been meeting almost daily to come up with the final bill.

Over the last couple of days, negotiators have noted progress in the talks. However, they admit differences between the two sides as well. Mnuchin, who also admitted differences between the two sides, suggested that a deal could come this week.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, Mnuchin noted that they “did try to agree to set a timeline that we're going to try to reach an overall agreement, if we can get one, by the end of this week, so that the legislation could be then passed next week."

Similar intent was shown by Pelosi as well. She, in a PBS interview, said their intention is to come up with a coronavirus stimulus deal this week.

Coronavirus stimulus checks: lawmakers ready to delay August recess

Despite the intent of the lawmakers, it is possible that the negotiations stretch into next week. Many are concerned that if there is no deal this week, then they may not get another round of coronavirus stimulus checks since the Senate would go on a break.

GOP Sen. Roy Blunt has already said that if there is no deal by this week, then there might not be any deal. “If there’s not a deal by Friday, there won’t be a deal,” Blunt said, according to CNN.

Putting such fears to rest, McConnell on Wednesday, said that Senators will be present next week as well. Speaking to CNN, McConnell noted that senators will "certainly be in next week" and "we'll see what happens after that."

Comments from McConnell came as a deal between Republicans and Democrats still appears distant. “While Americans are struggling, the Democratic leaders have moved about one inch, one inch, in eight days,” McConnell said recently.

Despite no signs of a deal yet, the assurance from McConnell that they will be present next week should come as a relief to Americans waiting for the next coronavirus checks.

Last month, Pelosi also said that the members of the House of Representatives won’t leave Washington until a deal is reached. “We can’t go home without it,” she said.

Other Senators also agree they need to delay the recess to get approval for the next coronavirus stimulus checks. “We need to stay here and wrestle this to the ground," said Sen. David Perdu according to Politico.