These States Are Sending Coronavirus Stimulus Checks of $1000 Before Christmas

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People are calling on President Biden to send a fresh stimulus check before the end of the year as rising inflation takes a toll on the holiday celebrations. However, it doesn’t appear that giving out a fresh stimulus check is a priority for Congress. Still, many people can get coronavirus stimulus checks of $1000 or more before the end of the year, from their state government.

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States Sending Coronavirus Stimulus Checks Of $1000

Arizona, for instance, is offering a cash bonus to jobless residents who return to work. The state has set aside $300 million for its Back to Work Program, and funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Under Arizona’s Back to Work Program, those who return to part-time work are eligible for a cash bonus of $1,000, while those who return to work full-time (between May 13, 2021 and September 6, 2021) can get $2,000 in cash bonus.

Connecticut is also sending $1,000 direct payments to qualifying people going back to work. The state started sending the stimulus checks to eligible recipients from May 30, 2021 and plans to continue to send the payment till the end of the year.

Connecticut has set aside about $10 million for its Back to Work program. The eligibility depends on when you applied for unemployment and how long you have been collecting it.

Two more states that are paying coronavirus stimulus checks of $1000 to their residents are Florida and Georgia. These two states are paying bonuses to teachers who stayed dedicated to their work during the pandemic.

One more state that is sending coronavirus stimulus checks of $1000 to its residents is New Hampshire. Specifically, the state is sending checks of $1,086 to families of three who do not have an income.

These States Are Sending Payments As Well

California has long been sending stimulus checks as well, and is still sending them under the Golden State Stimulus II program. The state plans to send out most of the payments before the end of the year. To qualify for the checks, residents had to file their tax return by October 15.

Those with an AGI (adjusted gross income) of $30,000 to $75,000 can get a stimulus check of up to $1,100. The state has already sent the payments through direct deposit, and now, is sending payment through the mail. The stimulus checks for those with zip codes ending in 585-719 started going out from November 29. It could take about three weeks for the paper checks to arrive.

Residents of Chicago will also be getting stimulus checks. The city of Chicago will give $500 to 5,000 low-income families under its guaranteed basic income pilot program. These payments, however, are expected to go out in 2022.

Maine is also sending some of its residents a one-time disaster relief payment of $285. These payments will go to the residents who worked during the pandemic. Maine started sending the payment last month and will continue to send till the end of 2021.