Coronavirus stimulus check: Tell IRS if you didn’t get the payment yet

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We are now in the final week when a decision on the next coronavirus stimulus package is expected. However, many still haven’t received their first stimulus check. The IRS has said that it would continue to send payments through the end of the year. Yet, if you meet the eligibility requirements and haven’t gotten the coronavirus stimulus check, you should let the IRS know.

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When to contact IRS for coronavirus stimulus check

The IRS has already send the majority of the payments. Though the agency would be sending the first stimulus checks through the end of the year, it is possible that your payment is getting delayed due to an unexpected issue.

If you are sure that you meet all the eligibility requirements, then you should contact the IRS over the delay in coronavirus stimulus check provided:

  • The IRS’s Get My Payment tracking tool says that your payment was sent weeks ago, but you haven’t gotten it yet.
  • The IRS sent you a confirmation letter that it has sent your payment, but you didn’t get it yet. It usually sends a confirmation letter 15 days after sending the payment.
  • If you believe that you accidentally trashed your prepaid card or check.
  • If you believe that someone stole your check, or you are a victim of a stimulus check scam.

Before you report the matter to the IRS, it is recommended that you visit the IRS's online portal to get an update on the stimulus payment. If the Get My Payment tool fails to give you a satisfactory answer, then you should report your case to the IRS.

How do you contact the IRS?

In case the IRS page says that it will “need more information,” it could mean that the agency has sent your check, but it was returned as the post office was unable to deliver it. If you see the “need more information” message, then you will also be allowed to enter your bank account information to get the payment directly in your bank account.

In case you don’t provide the bank account information, the IRS will hold your payment until it gets your current mailing address. To update your address, you need to visit the IRS change-address page.

If you believe that your stimulus payment arrived via the prepaid debit card, but you misplaced or threw it away thinking it was junk mail, then you need to visit the FAQ section detailing what to do if your card is lost or stolen. If the FAQ section doesn’t address your concern, then you can call 800-240-8100 to get a replacement.

In case you are contacting the IRS by phone, you will need to be patient. The agency is getting volumes of calls, so it could take some time. Also, when you are calling, it is recommended that you have with you your tax ID, and a letter that the IRS sent you (if you received one).

Two IRS helpline numbers that you can contact are 800-919-9835 and 800-829-1040.