Stimulus payment card destroyed and other problems

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About 4 million Americans received their IRS stimulus payment as a prepaid debit card. However, the execution left something to be desired because many people destroyed their cards, thinking they were a scam or credit card offer. The IRS has now issued guidance on what to do if you destroyed your stimulus payment card or have other problems with it.

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Stimulus payment card destroyed

If you destroyed your stimulus payment card, you can request a free replacement from MetaBank, the firm that issued the cards. The fee to replace a card is $7.50, but the IRS said that will be waived for the first replacement. If you need to have your stimulus payment card replaced a second or third time, the fee will apply. To request a replacement card, you'll have to call MetaBank at 1-800-240-8100 and choose option two from the main menu.

The stimulus payment cards will come in a plain envelope from Money Network Cardholder Services. They have the Visa logo on the front and the MetaBank name on the bank. The card will arrive with information which explains that the card is your stimulus check.

It's unclear who will receive a prepaid debit card and who will receive a paper check. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service made the determination of who would receive the debit cards instead of paper checks. The agency did not explain why it chose some Americans to receive cards but others to receive paper checks.

Problems with the name on the card

Another issue some may find is that their stimulus payment card is issued with the wrong name. For example, women may find that the card was issued in their maiden name or married name, but they've gotten married or divorced and their name has changed.

In this scenario, the IRS said you can still go on and activate the card by validating your identity. This is only if the last name on the card is wrong. If there are any other problems with the name on the card, you can contact MetaBank at 1-800-240-8100 or go to

How to transfer money from the card to your bank account

While the stimulus payment card can be used to make payments, the money can also be transferred from the card into your bank account. The maximum amount allowed for transfers is $2,500 per transaction.

To transfer the money from the card to your bank account online, go to or use the Money Network Mobile App. You will need the routing and account numbers for the account you want to transfer the money into. To transfer the funds, you will need to activate the card first and then register for online or mobile access via the website or mobile apps. After creating your username and password, log in and choose "Move money out" and follow the steps to set up the transfer.