The Emperor Has No Humanity

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Nothing is as sad as a child’s tears.

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Who We Are

I read these words long ago, but I’ve never been able to learn who wrote them. Surely, they ring true today! How we treat our children – our own or other’s – largely defines who we are.

Much has been written about how despicable our president is, but his treatment of children – other people’s children – best defines his humanity, or his lack thereof.

We know all too well how he delighted at tearing very young children from the arms of their parents, and then throwing them into cages. All to discourage immigrants fleeing from Central America to seek asylum in our country.

Still, his legions of “deplorables” are OK with that. After all, these “illegals” are basically members of the vast “Other” -- those who are not white Americans. Just imagine what kind of citizens they would make?

But now President Trump has his political back up against the wall. If he cannot revive our economy over the next couple of months, then no matter how much he cheats, he will have no chance of being reelected.

New Plan To Reopen Many School Districts

So, his new plan – ready or not – is to reopen the nation’s public schools over the next few weeks. The purpose, of course, has nothing to do with the advantages of in-person education, but rather to provide near universal daycare, thereby freeing tens of millions of parents to return to their jobs.

To help things along, he has leaned very heavily on the Centers for Disease Control to loosen school safety guidelines to protect against the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, he threatened to cut off federal aid to any school district that did not fully reopen, rather than operate remotely.

Never mind the risk of the virus spreading among tens of millions of children, their teachers, and other school employees – and ultimately, among other family members. After all, this great risk is being taken for the greater good of getting President Trump reelected.

No sacrifice – even the lives of our children – is too great if it enables our “wartime president” to serve four more years!

School Districts Opted To Do Remote Learning

So how is Trump’s grand plan working out so far? Well, most of the largest school districts have opted to do remote learning, and dozens of school districts that have reopened have been forced to shut down again because of multiple cases of the coronavirus.

Tens of thousands of teachers have resigned or rebelled by calling in sick. Many parents are refusing to send their children to what they consider unsafe learning environments.

But that’s just the beginning. By early September, it is likely that a large majority of school children will be at home, learning remotely. Even many of Trump’s most ardent followers will decide that the lives of their children mean more to them than the political success of their political idol.

What have we learned from this sorry educational ploy? That Trump is quite willing to sacrifice our children’s wellbeing for his own political success. We have all learned that our emperor has no humanity.