Bipartisan support for more relief, rent suspension during coronavirus

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New poll shows bipartisan support for more relief measures during coronavirus crisis. Rent suspension, debt collection prohibition, mortgage forgiveness, monthly payments, and other forms of relief are extremely popular

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Additional Emergency Relief Including Rent Suspension

A newly released poll conducted by Data For Progress finds overwhelming bipartisan support for an additional emergency relief bill encompassing a variety of proposals to provide relief to individuals during the pandemic, including rent suspension, monthly cash payments, and the forgiveness of at least $10,000 in student debt. The most popular proposal tested is the prohibition of debt collection, garnishing wages, and repossession during the pandemic. This policy is supported by a massive 71-point margin.

“Monthly cash payments, rent suspensions, forgiving mortgages, and other forms of emergency relief have overwhelming support,” said Alexandra Rojas, executive director of Justice Democrats. “Voters want bold action in the next bill before it might be too late.”

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A Ban On Evictions, Foreclosures And Repossessions

Three other policies—a ban on evictions, foreclosures, and repossessions during the pandemic; suspending rent payments for business and tenants affected by the crisis and forgiving the mortgages of affected landlords; and suspending rents of affected businesses for ninety days—all enjoy margins of support over 60 points.

A policy to give families $2,000/month payments for adults and $1,000/month payments for children, a policy to suspend all business and credit payments, and a policy to suspend commercial rent payments for businesses are three policies that voters support by 50 points or more.

Voters support the four other policies we tested—including suspending work requirements for public housing—by 30 points or more. From these results, one thing is abundantly clear: Voters want dramatic action for this dire economic situation.

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