And just like that; everyone stopped laughing at preppers

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A criticism of the failure by some people to prepare while mocking preppers…. kinds like the children’s story of the Three Little Pigs…. and the Big Bad Wolf is Covid-19

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Everyone Stopped Laughing At Preppers

A wise man believes; Be optimistic, but also be prepared for all possibilities...

And as we see, some of our government agencies, people in those agencies, and even some hospitals haven't prepared...

In fact, it was only about decade back that some agencies and people were actually mocking and laughing at 'Preppers' who were training in disaster preparedness and laying aside a measured amount of food and supplies, including N95 masks.

Imagine the complete lack of vision and the obtuse thinking that it required to mock the same people these same agencies and people are now trying guilt-trip and shame into giving-up their masks...  Does the movie 'Idiocracy' come to mind?

And now, maybe worse yet... the vision-less are leading Americans; some of these same agencies and people are now the so-called 'experts' giving everyone else advice?  How is that going to work?

Some agencies, and people are trying to shame citizens who are prepared into giving-up their preparedness supplies (N-95 masks), which they have laid away for this very day, in order to protect their families and themselves...

I think without any exaggeration whatsoever, what we're seeing is the perfect storm of our lifetimes...

1918 Flu Pandemic

And it's unlike any other disaster mankind has seen since the entire world was in dire straights and the grip of 1918 Flu Pandemic that killed 50 to 100-million people (Wiki)... As in prior disasters like hurricane Katrina, Sandy, etc. nobody is coming to the rescue, because every nation is in the same (or worse) deep trouble.

And it gets more sobering and concerning, as each day reveals more...

As it unfolds, the coming events, not just the deaths from Covid19, but the economic melt-down and subsequent collapse of supply chain infrastructure and production capacity in the U.S., along with our overseas suppliers (they provide 40% of all the stuff we need), will crush our economy.

Read this article citing what a top economic analyst Nomura predicts; here: Nomura warns of mass unemployment, social unrest if coronavirus "beats us"

Preppers And Fallout From Covid-19

What are you thinking this week?? Is it time to get out of cities?

What Nomura is outwardly predicting clearly supports a scenario for the secondary and tertiary fallout from Covid-19, which I have cited in my recent and past articles.

Like any other disaster, as in nature when there is huge change in an ecosystem, there will be winners and losers...

Clearly, reading the tea leaves and reacting correctly and with the right timing, is what determines the end result; and determines the co-called winners and losers.

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This article by another researcher supports the thesis presented in my articles above: I.E. supply chain is already breaking down: