The Point: China-U.S. Ties Set To Get Worse In 2019?

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2019 is destined to be a significant year in history. It could be the most consequential for China-U.S. ties since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1979. It could also witness a critical moment in the trade relationship between the world’s two biggest economies.

By The White House from Washington, DC [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Point: China-U.S. Ties Set To Get Worse In 2019?

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90 destined to be a significant year in history for China-U.S. Ties. It could be the most consequential. Over the past 40 years since diplomatic relations and China-U.S. tieswere established. You could also witness a critical moment in the trade relationship between the world's two biggest economies. When the 90 days of trade truce between the two sides expires in March what awaits us in the near future. After four decades of ups and downs between the two are we still heading to a generally upward direction. Welcome to a special edition on China-U.S. ties in 20 19 and beyond.

Let me first go to my two guests here in the studio. As we understand most recently the U.S. is the Justice Department indicted two Chinese nationals accusing them of hacking intellectual property and confidential business information. Now Beijing has repeatedly accused these condemned of these accusations as groundless and voiced China's determination to protect cyber security and to crack down on all forms of cyber attacks. How do you look at this issue at this particular moment. Is it rational to interpret it as a kind of U.S. pressure on China as the trade negotiations in line with the recent Huawei arrest that we also witnessed Professor Tao recently have attended a number of conferences to monkeys 47 elusively of normalization of China-U.S. Ties.

Although we had a frictions we had ups and down of China-U.S. Ties, generally speaking only relationships develop a forward and generally speaking of common interest between the two countries were much larger than the differences in both China and the United States benefit from that relationship tremendously. But in recent years you know seems a little bit different to the other you just mentioned. True the frictions all U.S. causations other China's cyberattacks et cetera. Well I think you know that theU.S. policy toward China is not good and is now going into a kind of substantial change in the sun on those relations entering a kind of a transformation that means that in the past 40 years we had constructive cooperation of China-U.S. Ties. But in the future maybe there will be more frictions more disputes more competitions although we still have cooperation. But some who will be a bit different


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