Causes Of Fresno Car Accidents

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Car accidents happen — unfortunately, they are a very common occurrence in California. Most often, these accidents are a result of human error, although in some instances mechanical failure may be to blame. A few great ways to avoid mechanical failure on your own vehicle is to keep up on maintenance, brake replacement, proper tire care, and keeping up with any possible recalls.

However, no matter how safe you are on the road, you can’t control the other drivers on the road. You can keep aware of the different things that commonly lead to car accidents in Fresno, though, so you can at least be alert to possible safety hazards that put you and your passengers at risk. If you are injured in a car accident, it’s a good idea to get in touch with an attorney to make sure that the settlement you get from the insurance company is fair. Insurance companies stay in business by paying as little as possible, and you can be certain that they won’t decide to be generous in your situation without some negotiation.

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Take a look below at some of the most common causes of car accidents in Fresno.

Texting While Driving

There is nothing more disconcerting than looking around on the road and seeing a bunch of other drivers staring at their phones. Cell phone use is proven to distract people even when they believe that they are dividing their attention, and reduces reaction time significantly.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is never a good idea, but some people still insist on drinking too much and then getting behind the wheel. Drunk driving is extremely dangerous, and reduces a driver’s reaction time, coordination, and their ability to make safe decisions, among other issues. If you suspect that someone is driving drunk around you on the road, call the police to alert them.


Speed limits exist for a reason — to keep you and all of the other travelers on the road safe from harm. Speed limits are intended to keep cars moving at a speed that allows ample time for them to react to things like animal crossings, unsignaled turns, and other obstacles. At high speeds, a car takes longer to brake, can lose control on turns or when swerving out of the way, and can cause more damage on impact.


Tailgating is never a good idea. If a car is driving dangerously close to the vehicle in front of them, there are a few different things going on: the driver in front is likely intimidated, which can distract them or cause them to drive over a speed they are comfortable with, and the driver in back has little to no time to react before causing a rear-end crash.


Wet road surfaces can cause oil slicks to form, or cause a driver to hydroplane and lose control. In addition, heavy rain can reduce visibility for both drivers and pedestrians, meaning that collisions can happen seemingly out of nowhere as a pedestrian runs into the road to escape the downpour, or a car drives through a crosswalk without realizing.

Other Factors

There are many other ways that accidents occur, and each accident is different depending on the environmental conditions, traffic issues, speed and other factors, and more. The best thing to do in order to avoid accidents on the road is to keep focused, wear a seatbelt, and follow all of the posted traffic signs to ensure that you are keeping yourself, your passengers, and the people around you as safe as possible.

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