Carl Icahn – Talk With Mark Stevens Author Of “King Icahn”

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Carl Icahn – Talk With Mark Stevens Author Of “King Icahn” by The Investors Podcast

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One of the most misunderstood celebrity investors in the world is Billionaire Carl Icahn. Luckily for our audience, our guest Mark Stevens was one of the few people to forge a relationship with the unique and un-empathetic investor.  Mark started off as a tennis competitor to Carl, but overtime he was brought into the billionaire’s inner-circle and got to know his family.

During our interview with Mark, he discusses some of the key aspects of his detailed biography on Icahn titled, King Icahn.  You’ll learn about Carl’s intellectual aptitude, his interest in philosophy and Chess, and his crazy antics for negotiation.  For anyone interested in the corporate raider mentality, Mark’s book is a must read.

One of the things Preston and Stig liked most about the book was the detailed analysis of provided for each deal Icahn constructed through the years.

Carl Icahn

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What “greenmail” is and how Icahn basically got paid for not taking over companies
  • How to conduct an activist approach to investing
  • Why Carl Icahn always wins in a negotiation
  • If Carl Icahn is truly a bear in the current market conditions

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