Top 7 Reasons To Leave Your Car At The Airport Parking Lot When On A Business Trip

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You are going away on a trip and are wondering whether to use the JFK Parking or not. Start by establishing if they offer the services for short or long term parking. The length of your business time will determine which will be affordable and reliable for your needs. Parkos will help you compare the available parking services and give you the information about the daily rates and services.

Read on to see why you would consider parking at JFK.


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1. Provide your car with protection from climate and nature

The weather can be quite harsh on your vehicle if you expose it to the conditions for long periods, and if the weather conditions become severe. The sun and wind can cause damage to your vehicle’s paintwork and make the colors dull or even form cracks and peeling to appear. Rain can cause dirt to build up, and in extreme cases, you may see signs of rust.  Keeping your car in a safe spot, protected from harsh inclement will save it from exposure and residues. You will avoid having a rust bucket as your primary means of transportation!

Birds and small critters will play around your car if it is stationary, outside for a long time. By parking inside, you will avoid getting scratches from their claws and especially bird excrement, which spoils the body of your vehicle.

2. You can be confident of added security

There has been an increase in airport security measures that guarantee you that no one will steal of damage your car while you are away. You would not want to come back to the shock of finding your vehicle has been in the hands of vandals while you were on your trip. Periodic patrols and security measures allow you to know that it will not drive out without valid parking tickets.

If your car gets scratches or bashes from other people, the CCTV video recordings are there for reviewing to establish what happened. Remedial action will be straightforward, and you will have the proof to assign liability quite easily. Getting restitution might be challenging to do if you had parked your car outside where there might not be any twenty-four-hour security video recording.

3. Your car will remain in top-notch condition

Since your vehicle will be in inside the JFK airport parking, it will stay in a controlled environment. The temperature is consistent so the engine will have enough oil and the other fluids will be in top condition. It will tick over quickly when you start it up, and the cooling or heating systems will continue to work effectively.

4. Maintain low insurance costs

Insurance companies consider parking places are safe to leave your car while you are traveling. If you do encounter a problem, any excess charges you would face would be less than if your vehicle is in an insecure environment.

5. There are designated parking spots for persons with restricted mobility

People who have difficulty with mobility have designated parking areas that are available in both the long term and short-term slots. You will have to display your official disabled permits and stickers to get access to the reserved places, which are conveniently near the terminal entrance.

6. You can charge your electric vehicle

If you have an environmentally friendly electric car, you can charge them at the airport parking. There are five charging areas at the ground level. The electricity is free of charge and can juice up your battery from empty to a full load all within 4-6 hours if you use the 240V connection, and 12-24 hours if you use the 115V connection.

7. The airport parking offers E-ZPass Plus parking

E-ZPass Plus is an automated parking system that lets customers employ their E-ZPass tag to settle the fees. When you top up your E-ZPass account, leaving the airport will be very easy to do. Follow the purple lanes that have the E-ZPass signs. When you arrive at the cashier booth, you will feed the ticket to the reader, and the guard gate will open to let you exit. If the parking fee is below twenty dollars, the amount will come from your E-ZPass account. Any cost higher than that will make a deduction from the credit card that you use to top up your account.


Any time that you will be traveling away on business, that one thing you want to make sure of is that your car is going to be secure. It is a nightmare to come back from a trip away and find that your vehicle is stolen, damaged or the engine is unresponsive.

Airport parking is a viable solution to avoid most of these inconveniences. As we have shown, it also provides answers for customers who have difficulties with mobility, whether your time away will be short or long-term.

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