Social Media Buzzes As Canada Elects “Hunky” Trudeau

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While Canada’s Liberals celebrated victory in federal elections, media sources from around the world paused in appreciation of leader Justin Trudeau’s “boyish charm.”

Canada’s new prime-minister-designate is a keen boxer and snowboarder, and the internet came alive with images of his sculpted physique. As Australian news website said, “the votes are in and Canada has come out of its election with a super hot new leader.”

Policies overshadowed by boyish good looks

As The Globe And Mail says, more serious reports from pro-Israeli and pro-Ukrainian sources bemoaned the loss of Stephen Harper as a key ally, while the Russian media reacted gleefully to the defeat of one of Vladimir Putin’s most vociferous critics. That said, most media coverage addressed Trudeau and his good looks rather than his policies.

“I hate to say it, but I think Canada’s new PM is really giving Putin a run for his money in the ‘topless photos on the internet’ department,” tweeted Hend Amry, a Libyan activist who usually focuses on Middle East issues. Her tweet led to more “hunky” photos of Trudeau being passed around, which apparently wasn’t Hend’s intention.

“Um, this isn’t the kind of gender equality in the media we meant,” she later wrote.

Trudeau becomes global phenomenon following election victory

Trudeau has some serious work to do in repairing Canada’s image in the world, and the buzz around his good looks may not help his cause in the long run. Although as it stands Canada’s new leader has won himself legions of new fans from around the world.

“Is Justin Trudeau the sexiest politician in the world?” asked the U.K.-based Mirror newspaper, while Australian news anchor James McHale tweeted: “In Canada Justin Trudeau’s Liberals elected on a platform of sorry I lost my train of thought he’s just so handsome.”

The photograph that got the most attention was taken in 2012, showing a topless, wild-haired Trudeau flexing his arms in the aftermath of a boxing match against Senator Patrick Brazeau. Canadian media, already familiar with their new leader-elect, reacted with bemusement to the excitement. “The world meets Justin Trudeau and likes what it sees,” ran the headline on

After the party, serious questions to be asked of Trudeau

Certain sources did look past Trudeau’s physical appearance to analyze what his election may mean for the future of Canada and its relations with the outside world. Israel’s Ynetnews carried a report entitled “Pro-Israel Canadian PM defeated,” while Russia’s Sputnik news service said: “Trudeau wins! Crack-smoking ex-mayor fails to save Canada’s Conservatives” in reference to Harper’s rally with Rob Ford.

Other sources speculated that Trudeau may bring Canada back into the fold on climate change, playing a more constructive role in the lead up to the global climate-change summit in Paris. Former U.S. vice-president Al Gore tweeted: “I’m hopeful tonight’s election will put Canada back in a leadership position” on climate change.

At an election event in London, questions were asked about Trudeau’s intentions towards the Commonwealth as well as how quickly he would be able to change Canadian policy on climate change. Justin looks set to continue the liberal legacy of his father Pierre, who was prime minister of Canada for most of 1968-1984.

Pierre Trudeau had a string of high-profile lovers, but the females of the species will be disappointed to hear that Justin is happily married with 3 young children.

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