Bronte Amalthea Fund October 2016 Commentary

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Bronte Amalthea Fund commentary for the month ended October 30, 2016.

The Bronte Amalthea Fund is a global long/short fund targeting double digit returns over the long term, managed by a performance orientated firm with a process and portfolio that is genuinely different. Objectives include lowering the risk of permanent loss of capital and providing global diversification without the market/drawdown risks typical of long-only funds. A highly diversified short book substantially reduces risk and enables profits to be made in tough markets. The fund is an alternative to equity investing, and complement to most portfolios, and is typically an excellent diversifier which may lower overall portfolio risk.

Bronte Amalthea Fund

Bronte Amalthea Fund Commentary

The fund fell slightly this month, alongside more significant falls in the MSCI global index. Gains were concentrated amongst our European industrial longs and losses were greatest in USA tech and biotech positions. Looking past month end, the fund had modestly hedged its net position ahead of the USA election although our long/short positioning makes this less necessary.  The gyrations in futures and equity markets caused by exit, early polls and the results will have whipsawed many active traders and the wisest approach has been to allow the dust to settle whilst adding to our target list of global longs and shorts able to benefit from the changed political landscape.


Bronte Amalthea Fund

1 Sharpe and Sortino ratios assume Australian risk free rate of 2.5%

2 Returns are net of all fees

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