Is Bridgewater Sounding The Alarm On Market Valuations?

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A reader sent us the following tidbit (its short but sweet) regarding Ray Dalio’s views on the current market environment. Bridgewater’s Dalio seemingly joins a growing chorus of bears, including Seth Klarman and David Einhorn, among many others. Tips can always be sent to info@) Check it out below.

Bridgewater’s view on stocks and bonds

From a reader

I recently came across two charts from Bridgewater, Ray Dalio’s uber-successful firm, one of the unusual hedge funds that truly earns their high fees. In the Bridgewater view, there has been just one time (the peak of the late ‘90s bubble blowoff) when prospective real returns for stocks were lower based on their methodology. Note that when considering both stocks and bonds, forward-looking real (or after-inflation) returns have never been this low. Now, how often do you hear or see this from your typical rah-rah Wall Street firm?


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