How Branding Can Help Technology Startups To Become Successful

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There’s one aspect where most of the technology startups lack and that’s branding material. Being mostly from technical background these founder think that only making a quality product is all they need to make sales. While having a quality product is important, it’s equally important that one does proper branding for their business. A proper branding ensures that your customers knows about your presence in the market, develops a trust for your brand and when in need purchases your product.

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When we talk about branding it not only includes logo design but several other aspects that increases your product presentation. From website to package design, each and every aspect of your product branding can help you to stand out in the market. For technology startups, here’s how branding can help you to convert into a successful brand-

  1.  Help you tell your brand’s story- Isn’t it important that people should know the story behind your company’s existence? And, what could be a better way to create your brand story other than creating a branding for your business! A brand story presented in a right way can have a large impact on the target audience. It can help people to relate to your brand, build trust and help them know what problem your product is solving.
    There are several ways in which you can tell your brand’s story, but the best way would be in the form of video. It has been found that video tends to engage user more in comparison to images and text. Therefore, creating marketing video should be an important part of your overall branding effort.
  2. Keeping customers engaged- Now, you are not the only one in the market who is trying to catch the attention of the user. There are several competitors who would be eyeing the opportunity to impact a customer’s mind in that very little time slot. Now, you too need to advertise your product in order to gain customer’s attention and would it be possible, if you haven’t done branding for your product?
  3. Differentiate from competitors- How is a consumer going to differentiate your product with that of a competitor’s in one go? Branding, would be the answer 100% people would say and that is right. Only if a customer has seen your logo, website, or any other content, would he be able to know that your product belongs to certain segment and differentiate it from the competitors.
  4. Better visibility and positioning- The only way people can differentiate your product from the swarm of other available competitors is, if you are better placed in comparison to them. Better visibility and positioning are directly related to the branding effort that the company puts in.
  5. Leads to better traction- Ask anyone randomly and any day they would prefer a branded product over a non-branded one. That’s the impact that branding creates on a consumer mind. Therefore, the more effort you put in branding the better traction you would receive.
  6. Build Reputation- A product that has clear brand name, design, etc. is more likely to get picked up in comparison to the one that does not have any branding. In a way one can say that branding helps in building reputation for your product. Mind you, this reputation is not something that would be attached to a single product but would easily go along with all the products that your company builds afterward. For e.g. the reputation that iPhones created for Apple was easily encashed by later products such as Macbooks, iPads, etc. Thus you are creating a legacy by successfully branding your company.

How to make the best of branding material?

Every company does branding for itself, be it on a small scale or a large one. Now, what differentiates from the successful one from the not so successful is how they carry out their company’s branding. There are several aspects that must be considered for successful branding and here’s how you can make the best best of branding-

  1. Making it aligned with your company theme- There’s a certain theme which defines every company and is unique to it. You must ensure that all your branding material be it a logo, social media cover photo or anything else, is made keeping in mind the theme of your company. The branding material should be such that they compliment each other and one can easily go with the other.
  2. Right Placement and Usage- You have a got a beautiful logo, good! But, the other important aspect is, you knowing where to place this logo so that people can easily notice it. When this logo is in constant view of people then it gets embedded in their memory. This in turn helps them to differentiate and find your product from among several available options.
  3. Make sure it’s not copied- While every company tries to sneak in and see what their competitor is doing. It’s extremely important that you take their work just for reference and do not copy their work. Your individuality is what would appeal to your customer and make a loyal fan base just like Apple has. Therefore, we would suggest that before any branding material is finalised one must research if in anyway they can be related to competitors branding material.
  4. Make something that’s hard to forget- The simple aim of branding is ‘to create an impact on customer mind so that they remember you forever’. With this aim in mind one must create quality branding material keeping in mind the target audience, their liking, etc.
  5. Hire a professional Graphic Designers- At times, the founders think that they can easily manage all the graphic design requirement of their company by themselves. While it is possible to make certain graphical element like logo, cover photo using online tool, the problem is that they are nowhere close to what a designer would have made. Yes, hiring a designer would cost a little extra on your pocket, but when you look at it’s long term profitability, then it’s definitely worth.

As a technology startup founder, we are sure that you would have got a glimpse of how important branding material is for your business. Use the tips above to get your branding right and woo your customers. What do you guys think about branding? Do share your views in the comment box below. 

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