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Friday, September 24, 2021
Energy Switch Texas Electric Grid

The Texas Storm: Understood With Peter Kelly-Detwiler

ERCOT CEO, Bill Magness, who heads the Electric Reliability Council of Texas - the organization overseeing the power grid for most of the state...
Hoarding Wealth Seven Deadly Economic Sins

Hoarding Wealth: Seven Deadly Economic Sins

From Seven Deadly Economic Sins: Obstacles to Prosperity and Happiness Every Citizen Should Know by James R. Otteson. © 2021 by Cambridge University Press....
Monster health monitoring

Data, Privacy, And The Health Of Nations

Excerpted with the permission of the publisher, Wiley from Monster: A Tough Love Letter On Taming the Machines that Rule our Jobs, Lives, and Future by...
Capitalism And Democracy

Capitalism And Democracy: Book Review

An excerpt from Capitalism and Democracy: Prosperity, Justice, and the Good Society by Thomas A. Spragens, Jr. Q4 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Making...
Reed Hastings new book value investors Top 10 best books of 2019

Top Economics Books Assigned To Ivy League Students

What books are shaping the minds of our future business leaders and policymakers? DegreeQuery decided to find out. Q4 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and...
Smart Money Investments Middle Market Pandemic UK Listing review At Home ESG Topics sEmpire Financial afal niveshak Berna Barshay

Book Review: “Seven Mistakes Every Investor Makes (and how to avoid them)”

"Seven Mistakes Every Investor Makes (and how to avoid them)" - Book Review by Value And Opportunity Q3 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Joachim...
leaders communication EQ IQ mental edge Leadership Principles Responsive digital leadership

Five Leadership Principles to Help Us Thrive in Perilous Times

Regardless of where your company or organization is right now, 2021 is likely to be a year like no other we have ever experienced....
2021 Business Book holiday reading 2020 Business Book Top 10 best personal finance books to read in 2020

Holiday Reading List 2020

In a year like no other, being at home for the holidays may present you with extra free time for some reading. Our team...
Lights Out

Book Review: “Lights Out: Pride, Delusion, And The Fall Of General Electric”

"Lights out" is a recently published book that covers the downfall of General Electric, which was in 2000 the world’s most valuable company with...
Better Boardrooms

Directors Need “Better Boardrooms” for Post-Pandemic Success

“As we consider the shape of business in a post-pandemic world, Better Boardrooms is crucial reading for both current and future directors to take...
Attention Economy

The Attention Economy

From the book THE HYPE MACHINE: How Social Media Disrupts Our Elections, Our Economy, and Our Health-and How We Must Adapt by Sinan Aral....
Money Games Korea First Bank

Money Games: Korea First Bank’s Deal With Newbridge Capital

Excerpted with the permission of the publisher, Wiley from Money Games: The Inside Story of How American Dealmakers Saved Korea's Most Iconic Bank by...
Reed Hastings new book value investors Top 10 best books of 2019

The 6 Best Trading Books to Gift this Holiday Season

With the holiday gift giving season right around the corner, Danielle Shay, Director of Options and the face of Foundation at Simpler Trading, shares...
Expand US Industries Franchisee Success coronavirus Business credit unions PPP Mellody Hobson Women workforce Virtual Environment owners selling business Buying Business Pandemic Life + Liberty Indexes

Perth Tolle Empowering Investors With Life + Liberty Indexes

Excerpted with permission of the publisher, from Lighthouse: Women Leading the Way in Finance by Maya Peterson. Used by arrangement with the Publisher. All...
NASDAQ:SFIX Best Self digital tools grow a business Peace Inner 7 figure business

Secrets to Scaling to 7 Figures

Excerpted from Limitless Expansion Secrets: LES because we all want to work less by Trey Carmichael (Author), Kyle E. Gese, Justine Mader, Ariel Szilagyi,...