BlackBerry Ltd Passport Is Already Stealing Market Share

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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) has been hyping up its Passport handset, which will be the first with a square display. Today on the company’s blog, it writes about some smartphone users and why they have said they plan to switch to the phone when it comes out. BlackBerry essentially explored the web to find people talking enthusiastically about the Passport.

BlackBerry targets productivity

The Canadian handset maker has said that the Passport is geared toward business users, as productivity is its main goal. The company is including the physical QWERTY keyboard it became known for originally, which was a feature that held enthusiasts on for quite some time. BlackBerry notes that one user named Felix said it “screams ‘BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL.'” He said he’s expecting that the Passport will have plenty of software to meet professionals’ high demands.

Felix said he’s currently using the Galaxy Note 3 but that he can’t do “any kind of serious typing” on it. He said he’s willing to pay up to $1,000 for the Passport “as long as it includes a nice suite of apps.”

A pair of commenters on TechCrunch also said they use Galaxy Note phablets. They’re on the Note 2 at the moment but said they will be switching to the Passport because it’s small enough to put in a pocket but big enough to be able to comfortably read text. One of them added that the Passport is faster than the Note 2 and that it has better resolution.

Talking up BlackBerry’s keyboard

Felix wasn’t the only fan to express excitement over the QWERTY keyboard that will be on the passport. Dennis said he needs a big smartphone and a real keyboard and questioned why no other company was able or willing to provide both. Another fan, L. Enrique Moreno, said his daughter currently has a Windows Phone but that now she wants the BlackBerry Passport because it has a physical keyboard.

Also anothermax2, a user of DailyTech, defended criticisms that the Passport will make it too difficult to use with just one hand. He said anyone who wants a physical keyboard obviously wants to use both hands, so it makes sense to go wider.

Even on Android Central, BlackBerry was able to turn up some future potential Passport users. One said they want it “just because it’s different” and because they like the keyboard and display. A second user seconded that comment. Another commenter on the Android-focused site said he’s definitely getting a Passport and getting rid of his hardly-used Galaxy S5.

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