BlackBerry Passport: Time To Celebrate Smartphone Weirdness

BlackBerry Passport: Time To Celebrate Smartphone Weirdness
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is showing off its latest smartphone the Blackberry Passport. The device has tech writers everywhere scrabbling for description, and for use cases. The device won’t officially launch until September this year, so it’s difficult to predict what should be expected. One thing is for sure, the Blackberry Passport is weird, and it’s about time we started celebrating weird smart phones.

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The iPhone had such a major impact on the smart phone world that very little has been able to break the mold. OEM after OEM is producing black rectangles. The days of a full QWERTY keyboard or anything so deviant appeared to be gone. BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) itself released an ill fated black rectangle last year in the Blackberry Z10. The Blackberry Passport may break the mold in some kind of niche, and

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Three reasons you want the Blackberry Passport

If any of the following applies to you, the BlackBerry Passport may be just the phone to alleviate your frustration:

1. You find yourself running to a computer screen or tablet everytime you have any real work to do.

2. You spend three times as long typing an email on your iPhone as you would on you computer

3. Security is still a priority, no matter how many fingerprint scanners Apple sells

The physical keyboard of the BlackBerry Passport, assuming it maintains the quality of previous BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) models like the Q10 and the Bold, will allow users to actually write emails. The 4.5 inch screen will not be obstructed by a touch keyboard, and autocorrect won’t have the ability to guess which key you meant to press, or which you might go for next.

The screen will allow users to look at images of an unusual size, and, though everyone is still skeptical, a spreadsheet may be, for the first time ever, actually usable on a smartphone. BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is still the gold standard in mobile security and those using the company’s enterprise systems are usually the most supportive of the company’s future.

BlackBerry Passport looks for a weakness

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) was once at the center of the smartphone world, and the company’s QWERTY keyboard phones were a sought after design close to a decade ago. BlackBerry as a company clearly doesn’t believe in the shiny black facade of the current smartphone market. The company is looking for a weakness in which to build its niche. It may have found it with the BlackBerry Passport.

The BlackBerry Passport isn’t a cure all, but it doesn’t have to be. The point of the device is that different people have different needs.The BlackBerry Passport may serve the uses of some people who actually want to get work done on their phone. It’s not a threat to the iPhone, but it may be an odd device some people pull out on a train. Smartphones my be getting weird, and that’s worth celebrating, at least for the break in monotony.

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  1. 1st to address the uninformed,ignorant and the sheep. Blackberry is not a hardware company.the value without the hardware is around 5 billion. BBM messenger has 80 million users BES10 business enterprise security,QNX,and there patent portfolio .the market value is under by 20 percent. While these numbers are small incomparison to marketing giants samsung and apple,the public continue to be sheep various reasons. Tactics that distract from fact. Innovation? Samsung has rode on the backs of others Apple ,Blackberry come to mind. They have produced gimmick phones with hyped specs that do nothing in regards to an effcient os. Apple hasnt been innovative since 2007. Yet all the people who buy because great marketing,wide ecosystem and the ability to make people feel smart to own one. Never mind the slave labor and inhuman enviroment to produce these products. All the extra attachments you pay heavily for. Without the marketing money spent by these giants and the carriers Verizon,tmobile,attnt ect…who subsidize to promote these phones the public never knows the truth.the facts. Case and point 2014 unbiased very intense detailed study of phones from browser speeds,camera,security ect.. Blackberry Z30 was the march madness winner. Recently asast week a world wide independent study. Over 400 hours of testing and blackberrys 10.2 os was voted best operating system by a large margin. The passport is a game changer.blackberry has been innovating while all the angry bird,candycrush waterproofing your phone stuff is not advancing any technologies. Passport is for people who are productive.for people who will make a difference in the world,creative people. Add 300,000 apps and the gold standard in security. Are you brainwashed,retarded or really sheep? Specs passport are impressive but in an a productive way. 20. Hour non stop use without charge. 3gig ram,13 gig camera with excellent tools,usb 3.0 capability with adapter ,otg,the list goes on. So who is innovating and who is pulling the wool over your eyes? Your peers? Your carrier? The phone manufacture Apple,samsung. Wake up it is the internet of things in the future.QNX

  2. Hmm I agree. I’ve tried almost all the BlackBerry devices and right now I’m happy with my Q10 and no track pad. But I guess there are people out there who still prefer to use it and the Classic is for them!

  3. The Berry passport’s “SPACE” bar is a track pad aswell. If you see the demo video its revolutionary on how you can easily select text and cut and paste. I’m blown away. They showed example today 12th.

  4. The BB passport’s “SPACE” bar is a track pad aswell. If you see the demo video its revolutionary on how you can easily select text and cut and paste. I’m blown away. They showed example today 12th.

  5. Put even the most basic camera into the hands of someone who knows a little about photography and you can get decent results. I once got the most amazing Caribbean sunset photo with a Z30 and people on the beach with a couple Samsung Galaxies could not get anything close. I even tried on their phones but no settings or technique got the colors as good. Z10 has the same camera… Ummm…

  6. …and why would you be using it while driving? That’s another good thing about this phone, unless you’re Andre the Giant, you pretty much need 2 hands to text/type on it, thus cutting out texting and driving.

  7. state of the art specs and the ability to actually read spreadsheets, documents etc from your phone. And the keyboard is something entirely new with the ability to swipe on the physical keys and use them as a mouse… This has clear utility for people with… you know… jobs.

  8. What a shocker – BlackBerry is about to release another innovative product, and reviewers call it weird while the comment section teems with inaccurate, bullying drivel. The BlackBerry 10 camera is quite good if you know how to use the right mode for the right situation.

    The competition must be really scared. If people find out the truth about the new BlackBerry devices, nobody will ever buy another iPhone or Sammy.

  9. I am a diehard BB and I bought the Z10. What were they thinking? It’s almost impossible to swipe in between screens if you put a thick case like an otter defender while driving. Why couldn’t they put a trackpad like how iphone has a home button…at the middle of the bottom! Plus the camera was horrible!

  10. I think this is a pretty good evaluation of the Passport. Been reading alot of pretty scathing reviews of late but i really don’t think it is half bad. Once you get past the bizarrely large square face it’s actually capabilities are pretty impressive. If you stick in side by side with the Galaxy Note for instance, there is a decent comparison here, you can see that it is faster…more powerful…and produces sharper images! Think this device has the ability to really take off!

  11. They are bringing it back with the classic. It was announced at the same time as the passport. Although I still find it hard to understand why people want it. I have used every Blackberry and since BB10 arrived I can’t see the need for a track pad. It’s nice of BB to remember the people that still want it. I’m wondering if you have tried to copy and paste on a BB recently?

  12. i will not buy another blackberry unless they bring back the track pad or ball to make it easy to copy & paste and to play games and i like my keyboard on my cell i hate touch screens unless u have keyboard & touch together almost like the q10 but with a track pad or ball back on it

  13. you never know the peoples craze. The phone will have access to all the Android apps as well. Next year BB will be able to run Apple apps too. Just you wait and see. Its the power of QNX baby.

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