BlackBerry Android: Venice And Prague Rumors

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With the first Android-powered smartphone from BlackBerry on the horizon, it is suggested that the corporation has a few surprises in mind. It was initially expected that the BlackBerry phone code-named Venice would arrive in November with a unique Android operating system. But a new report on the subject suggests that this might not run Android after all, and that another device in the BlackBerry range is more likely candidate to break away from the proprietary BlackBerry operating system.

BlackBerry Prague to run Android

The Canadian company made instead debut an Android phone by the name of Prague. This BlackBerry handset will be aimed at emerging marketplaces, and this will be a lower-end, all-touch device, somewhat similar to the BlackBerry Z3, which was launched last year. According to rumors related to Prague, the device will be released in a couple of months time, with August a particular target for BlackBerry.

This departure from the proprietary operating system came as a surprise initially, as the combination of BBRY manufactured hardware and software was one of the selling points of the range. But as the smartphone marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, it is clear that BlackBerry is willing to build upon the efforts of Google over the years to develop the now highly efficient Android operating system.

Back in the day, of course, BlackBerry was a household name in the world of mobile phones. BBRY can possibly take the credit for popularizing the entire concept of the smartphone, with its initial handsets being extremely well received both commercially and critically. Indeed, at one time the word BlackBerry could be used as shorthand for smartphone itself, and it is surprising, and maybe even a little sad, that the corporation has been so usurped by the likes of Apple and Samsung since then.

However, although BlackBerry does not retain the popularity and fashionable image that it once possessed, he did receive a boost when Kim Kardashian stated that she still owns and utilizes numerous BlackBerry models.

But although BlackBerry is a minor player in the consumer marketplace, its devices still sell very well in the corporate sector. However, it seems likely that this new Prague release is intended to be more of a consumer device, as the trademark keyboard that is associated with a BlackBerry devices, which has been a big selling point to business, is conspicuous by its absence according to reports.

BlackBerry Venice specs

The specifications of the BlackBerry Venice also suggest that this will be a high-end smartphone aimed at the consumer marketplace. Features linked to the BlackBerry Venice have included a 5.4-inch curved quad HD display. Meanwhile, the BlackBerry Venice has also been linked with a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor, and it certainly looks like an impressive performer.

It was very much anticipated that this device would be the first one from BlackBerry to run on the Android operating system, particularly considering impressive specifications linked with the device. But it now seems that the Venice will not be the first Android product from BBRY, and that this will Instead be attributed to the Prague, which could arrive as soon as six weeks from now.

As the BlackBerry Prague is aimed at the more affordable end of the marketplace, it seisms likely that BlackBerry is hoping to establish a significant following in East Asia in particular. It is notable that this market tranche has been extremely successful for both Samsung and Apple, and it could be that BlackBerry is now attempting to cash in on this fertile marketplace.

Samsung has traditionally enjoyed massive success in its native Korea, and even releases specialized versions of its products in South Korea. Meanwhile thee recent massive success of Apple has been to some degree predicated on its performance in China, with Apple selling vast numbers of units in the world’s most populous nation. It thus seems natural for BlackBerry to attempt to achieve a significant market share in East Asia, particularly as its commercial opportunities in the consumer marketplace would seem to be pretty limited in the Western world.

Latest BlackBerry OS released

That reports of this new BlackBerry handset comes hot on the heels of the release of BlackBerry 10.3.2 in the United States. This latest operating system release may now be linked to both of the Prague and Venice handsets, with there clearly being some uncertainty regarding the operating systems to be utilized in the two devices.

The latest operating system update from BlackBerry reportedly includes improved security and anti-theft protection. Access to the Amazon App Store has also been included in the BlackBerry operating system package, and BlackBerry’s Eric Lai claimed in a blog post that the new software will offer more power, more security and even more productivity.

BlackBerry 10.3.2 is already available for the BlackBerry Classic handset, with users on Verizon and T-Mobile particularly benefiting. The rest of the BlackBerry 10 lineup in the U.S. and around the world—including the Passport, Leap, Z3, Z30, and Q5—will be upgraded in the coming weeks.

The latest update also delivers a new design for the operating system, which features different icons and an improved action bar for easy access to commonly used functions. It is now possible for users to tap into features such as BlackBerry Blend and BlackBerry Assistant, while improvements have also been made to the BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry multimedia platforms.

Perhaps taking its cue from the Android operating system, there has also been a new customization option built into this latest BlackBerry OS, in order to offer more flexibility to users of BBRY devices. This BlackBerry 10.3.2 release certainly looks like an impressive operating system, so it is interesting that BlackBerry has chosen to release its first ever Android device seemingly in 2015. This underlines the power of Google in the marketplace, and it seems that we will soon find out what BlackBerry has in store for us.

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