BlackBerry Ltd Still Popular Among Investment Banks?

BlackBerry Ltd Still Popular Among Investment Banks?
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BlackBerry was recently claimed to have been cut out by big investment banks which asked their employees to turn in their BlackBerry devices. According to a recent Business Insider report, Wall-Street banks such as JPMorgan, Credit Suisse and others . have decided to ditch BlackBerry devices for other devices. Some banks argue that BlackBerry services are expensive, and the Good Mobile app is a better security option than BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry popular among corporations

However, a blog post from Inside BlackBerry asserts that the claims from BI are misleading and are just based on “anonymous quotes from purported employees inside 5 investment banks.” As per the blog, the investment banking world is much bigger and diverse “than a fistful of Wall Street bankers.”

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BlackBerry then names few of its financial customers, such as Alfa-Bank, Banco de la Provincia de Córdoba, Bancolombia, Banesco Banco Universal, C.A., BICBANCO, CRM and Market Data App, Financial Technologies (India) Limited (FTIL), HTP, IA Clarington Investments Inc., and Indiabulls. Also the Canadian firm listed some of its recent customer wins as HSBC, Citizens Property Insurance, ERGO Insurance Group and Credito Familiar.

The blog further says that BlackBerry is still a prime choice for a number of other financial companies. Referring to an earlier article, the blog says that employees of some Wall Street banks are demanding that their companies give them back their BlackBerry devices.

Redefining second stage of enterprise mobility

BlackBerry has often been criticized for its dependence on smartphone sales for success. However, recently the smartphone maker decided to focus more on offering secure mobile software and services to empower employees.

Also the Canadian company has already established itself for the second stage of enterprise mobility, which focuses on the idea of providing services for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), says the blog. Previously, the company’s enterprise mobility solutions were aimed at introducing smartphones into organizations and providing IT with the tools to manage these devices. In other words, the initial wave of enterprise mobility was directed towards Mobile Device Management (MDM). But now enterprises seek safe and cost-effective ways to not just control the devices but also to maximize the productivity of their employees. BlackBerry, which provides services such as its BES platform, is already a leader in this domain, says the blog

Further, BES 12 possesses robust cross-platform abilities, which make it a suitable promoter of BYOD. The platform is encouraging several organizations, including banks, to ditch older BlackBerry devices for the latest employee-oriented handsets. Moreover, the platform, which provides security services for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry devices, has more enterprise customers than the other major competitors combined, says the blog.

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