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As promised recently (and again twice and again and again – were on a role!) we are updating/cleaning etc the investor resource pages on a regular basis. This week, as well as Francis Chou, we’ve updated the pages of Edward Lampert and Bill Ackman

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Below is a partial excerpt from both pages followed by link to each full page, which can also be found under Value Investors tab on the top of the page.

Bill Ackman

From 1993 to 2003, Ackman was the co-investment manager of Gotham LP, Gotham III LP and Gotham Partners International.

Ironically, Ackman began his career in the real estate sector, which ultimately was the sector responsible for the downfall of Gotham and forced Ackman to liquidate the fund due to bad debts in 2003.

However, Ackman soon re-entered the hedge fund business, creating Pershing Square Capital, a concentrated, long-short value hedge fund, the same year. The fund’s philosophy is devoted to fundamental analysis with a value-oriented approach, and sometimes activist investing as well. Ackman, with his expertise managed to turn his initial $54 million investment into over $14 billion. From its inception during 2004, through to September of 2014,  Pershing Square’s gross return stands at 1,199% excluding fees. 626.7% net of all fees. In comparison, over the same period the S&P 500 gained roughly 100%.

See full page here.

Edward Lampert

Edward Lampert believes in the investment style of “concentrated value”, and this is often focused on the retail sector. His investment style is frequently compared with that of Warren Buffett’s. It is said that Lampert tries to follow Buffett’s footsteps by studying and analyzing his annual shareholder letters and matching them to Buffett’s investment philosophy. He is usually referred to as “the next Warren Buffett”.

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