Pakistani Singer Atif Aslam Rescues One Harassed Girl, But The Media Ignores The Other

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Atif Aslam has been commended in the media for halting in the middle of his concert to rescue a girl toward the front of the audience who was being harassed. The video of him pulling the girl up on stage has been shared thousands of times. However, there was at least one other girl who was rescued, and ValueWalk has exclusive video. The music didn’t stop for her, and the media hasn’t covered this angle of the story.

Several girls harassed at Atif Aslam’s concert

ValueWalk CTO Sheeraz Raza was at the concert and took this video showing the other girl. It’s difficult to see, but just to the left of center, you can see a line of men go onto the stage and then pull a girl up. This happened not long after Atif Aslam stopped singing to pull the first girl onto the stage.

According to the BBC, multiple girls reported that they were being harassed while at Atif Aslam’s concert. Pakistani media said the concert venue was overcrowded as well.

The men who came on stage and pulled the second girl from the crowd after Atif Aslam rescued the first are probably his security. He called for them after seeing the first girl being harassed, reports the BBC.

Atif Aslam protects a girl being harassed

Upon rescuing the girl, the music and film star told the men who were allegedly harassing her, “Have you ever seen a girl? She could be your mother or a sister.”

After he protected the girl, the audience went wild and began cheering, “Atif, Atif…” Some users of social media said he didn’t start singing again until after he made sure the girls who were at the concert were safe. Certainly Aslam deserves all of the respect and commendations he has received since the incident, and he was thoughtful enough to call for security to watch for other girls in need of rescuing. Even though he didn’t stop singing when the second girl was being rescued, he allowed his security officers to come on stage in front of him to take care of her.

The incident also offers hope for a shift in the plight of women in some Middle Eastern countries. For example, a British woman who reported that she was raped in Dubai was arrested on charges of having sex outside of marriage, even though she did not consent to the sex act.

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