Apple Watch 2: What New Features Will Apple Add In The New Watch?

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The first Apple Watch release was something of a qualified success for Apple, and the corporation will be hoping to improve on this situation when the Apple Watch 2 is released. Although the Apple Watch has established Apple as completely dominant in the smartwatch niche, there was still a feeling among consumers that it didn’t deliver an unmissable experience.

While Apple already controls 95 percent of the smartwatch marketplace, the sales for the original Apple Watch were perhaps lukewarm. Many early purchasers of the device consider it to be somewhat expendable, a perception that means that Apple must resolve to produce something far more noteworthy when the Apple Watch 2 is released.

But the question that Apple must undoubtedly answer if it is to make the Apple Watch 2 a success is…what features and functionality can Apple include that were excluded from the original Apple Watch?

Apple Watch 2 – Camera inclusion

Apple could begin the improvement in the Apple Watch by simply including a camera in the device. Although many people have suggested that a camera is not particularly convenient in a smartwatch, and this is indeed a reasonable argument, it still seems like an oversight to omit this fundamental aspect of mobile technology completely.

Reports have suggested that the front-facing camera which could be included in the Apple Watch 2 could be utilized for FaceTime calls. Apple could place a camera into the top bezel of the device, enabling users to make and receive video calls on their wrists.

Circular option

Apple reign supreme in the design department, and no-one would reasonably accuse the Apple Watch of being an ugly device. But a circular option could be a sensible avenue for the consumer electronics giant to explore with the Apple Watch 2, as a circular face just simply seems more watch-like. Apple is extremely unlikely to ditch the quadrilateral design of the original Apple Watch, but offering a circular design would be advisable as well.

Speed increase

Apple should also improve the speed of processing in the Apple Watch 2 by increasing the specifications included in the smartwatch’s internals. This would be a natural move, considering that the iPhone series receives annual improvements in specifications, and the most obvious way to attract new consumers would be to soup up the performance of the Apple Watch 2.


One suggested new feature in the Apple Watch 2 that would be particularly attractive is the notion of dictation. Many Apple Watch users have reported reverting to the iPhone for numerous common tasks on the Apple Watch, such as texting, and Apple should aim to thus to improve the Apple Watch significantly in this department, as it would seem to be an area in which the smartwatch can obviously offer convenience in everyday life.

Health-tracking features

Apple reportedly excluded numerous health-tracking features from the original Apple Watch owing to technical difficulties, and the consumer electronics giant should certainly look to include these in the second Apple Watch. When the advertising campaign for the first Apple Watch was unveiled, there was a significant emphasis placed on at the athletic-related qualities of the smartwatch, and this should be enhanced when the Apple Watch 2 is released.

It is not publicly known what the health-related functionality that was removed from the original Apple Watch exactly is, but there was the feeling that the smartwatch failed to deliver in this department.

Improved battery life

A watch, quite simply, should be simple and convenient to utilize, and this would not seem to include having to recharge it on an extremely regular basis. Naturally, in this respect smartwatches have a significant disadvantage over traditional timepieces, but the Apple Watch 2 must surely improve over the original Apple Watch in this area. Delivering a smartwatch that does not need to be recharged on sucg a regular basis as the original Apple Watch would certainly be an improvement on the original.

Wireless charging

In line with this problem, it has been suggested that Apple could consider including wireless charging in the Apple Watch 2, in order to make it a more convenient smartwatch. Introducing an Apple Watch which can charge using IQ inductive charging would be a logical step for Apple, although it will probably face logistical, technical and financial difficulties in doing so. Nonetheless, wireless charging would certainly make it simpler to utilize the smartwatch when consumers are out and about.

Greater choice

It has already been reported that Apple will release a new mid-range Apple Watch variant in order to fill the gap between some of the more affordable versions of the smartwatch and the exclusive Apple Watch Edition. But Apple could offer consumers other choices as well, with new strap and face options particularly prominent.

More independence

Another criticism of the original Apple Watch is that it failed to deliver sufficient functionality as a standalone device. The Apple Watch 2 must surely improve over its predecessor in this department, ensuring that it has a greater variety and number of functions and features that are not reliant on piggybacking off the iPhone.

Smart straps

Another suggestion in the media is that the Apple Watch 2 could include smart straps, akin to those already utilized by the Pebble Time series. This feature could both introduce new features and complement existing functionality within the Apple Watch, enabling Apple to build a more attractive package. It has been noted that Apple has already applied for a patent for some form of technology that bears some resemblance to this, so this could be a serious possibility when the Apple Watch 2 is released.

Built-in GPS

Another common elements of wishlists for the Apple Watch 2 is the idea that the device could feature a built-in GPS system. This is another feature that the Apple Watch is reliant on the iPhone for, and a standalone GPs would certainly be welcome, especially considering that this could make wearing a smartwatch much more useful when driving vehicles. Any viable everyday usage of the Apple Watch 2 should be welcomed by Apple.

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