Pebble Introduces New Smartwatch To Take On Apple Watch

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Pebble recently unveiled a new smartwatch dubbed Pebble Time in an effort to compete with the upcoming Apple Watch

The updated watch features a new design that is 20% thinner than the original. It also comes with a quick-release mechanism that allows the user to change bands with ease. Pebble’s new watch also features a colored e-paper screen, which is a huge upgrade. According to Pebble chief Eric Migicovsky, the e-paper feature will allow the watch to maintain specific features such as time display and visibility under direct sunlight.

Pebble Time’s key features

The new color screen won’t affect battery life, so the watch still boasts a 7-day battery life. This watch also has a microphone for recording messages. Users can even pre-record messages for quick reply notifications. Migicovsky elaborated that his goal was to create a device that is consistent and reliable. He didn’t want to create one that gets spoken word messages wrong or requires users to repeat message. If a watch doesn’t work the way it should, you might as well just use your smartphone.

Pebble Time will also feature a new software interface complete with organized information. Such notifications include weather, calendar, news, reminders, travel info and more. Perhaps even better: users are no longer limited to an eight watch face app maximum.

What users can expect from the new watch

iOS and Android will run on the new Pebble Time smartwatch. All the apps will work with the new watch when it debuts this summer. The new device retails for $199, but users can back the company’s Kickstarter project to score one for just $159.

As expected, a lot of things have changed since the original Pebble Watch first debuted three years ago. The market for smartwatches has grown significantly. Major tech companies Apple, Samsung and Google have already jumped on the bandwagon with their versions of smartwatches. The trend is also expected to grow in a significant way, taking 44% of all wearable device sales by 2018.

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