Apple Watch 2 May Feature Larger Battery

The rumored Apple Watch 2 may not look all the different from Apple’s current smartwatch. A new report that surfaced from South Korea also claims the Cupertino-based tech giant will tighten up the internal components in the watch to make room for a larger battery.

Apple Watch 2 May Feature Larger Battery

There are reports that Apple is teaming up with Samsung and LG to create OLED displays which are even thinner than the original. The overall external design of the Apple Watch 2 will likely remain unchanged. There was a previous report that Apple would add a FaceTime camera to the watch, but that’s unlikely to happen.

Apple Watch 2 has yet to be confirmed

There is no official word on when Apple will unveil its second generation of smart watches. The original watch is still being rolled out across the world in countries like Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Mexico. Although solid plans for a second watch have yet to be announced, that hasn’t stopped the tech giant from making plans for watchOS 2 during last month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which boasted nice features like a “nightstand” mode and native app support.

A wishlist for Apple Watch 2

Some Apple fans have their own ideas of what Apple should include in its next smartwatch. A report from TechRadar suggests the next device should feature improved battery life, a slimmer design, a round face, a built-in GPS system, more sensors, Android compatibility, more internal storage and a lower price. Although the Apple Watch comes with a wide array of useful fitness features, it doesn’t come with GPS. This is something that is a little problematic for hardcore fitness fans.

Tech Radar’s James Rogerson added:

“Apple devices are always expensive and with the Apple Watch seemingly positioned as a bit of a luxury item its price is very much on the steep side. In fact is you opt for a Watch Edition version it costs up to a wallet-melting $17,000 / £13,500 / AU$24,000.”

Only time will tell if Apple fulfills the needs and wants of smartwatch buyers with its next one.

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