Apple Watch 2 May Sport Flexible Display, Patent Filing Hints

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The Apple Watch 2 is the focus of many rumors, just as all of the company’s products are, and the rumors are only intensifying as it has now been more than a year since the first model was released. We’ve heard that the next version will feature some major design changes, and a newly released patent application only hints at one of the possibilities: a flexible display.

Of course it is just a patent, so whether this technology will make it into the Apple Watch 2 is anyone’s guess. It’s probably early for the tech to make it into the Apple Watch 2, and there’s always the chance that the company will never do anything with it at all.

“Wearable Display” for the Apple Watch 2

The patent application (uncovered by Apple Insider) describes technology simply called a “Wearable Display,” which is further described as a “conformable electronic device.” The inventors listed on the application are Hsin-Hua Hu and Andreas Bibl, who was CEO of LuxVue. Apple acquired the display developer in 2014, the same year the patent was originally filed. According to Apple Insider, LuxVue’s expertise was in low-power micro-LED tech. It’s been difficult to make displays using this technology, but a display the size of one that would be used on the Apple Watch 2 could be possible.

The flexible display described in this new patent specifically focuses on making it curved like for a watch or bracelet, which certainly makes it sound as if the tech is designed for use in the Apple Watch at some point. Indeed, the iPhone maker might have had the device or something similar in mind when it purchased LuxVue. Apple Insider suggests that a display that’s curved like a watch could make it possible for the Apple Watch to one day have a display on most or all of its surface.

According to the patent, the flexible play could be no more than 50 micrometers thick and be made from a silicon substrate.

Rumors about the Apple Watch 2

So when will the Apple Watch 2 make an appearance? It’s expected to be sometime this year, with some even positing the Worldwide Developers Conference next week being the likely venue. However, we’ve heard that this year’s even will have an extremely heavy software focus, which means that it’s unlikely any major new hardware will make an appearance.

Other rumors suggest that the next Apple Watch will be quite a bit thinner than the first model, although still others have said that there won’t be any major design overhaul. We’ve also heard that the device might include a FaceTime camera, better Wi-Fi, and a new operating system.

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